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New Jersey Electoral Situation
Absentee ballots require an excuse: yes

Early voting: no

Felons: The State of New Jersey prohibits felons currently on probation, in prison, or on parole from voting. Once an individual has completed their sentence, their right to vote is automatically restored.

ID Laws: First-time voters who register by mail and do not provide ID verification with registration application need an ID which may include, but is not limited to: any current and valid photo ID including driver’s license, student or job identification, military or other government ID, store membership identification, or United States Passport. Other acceptable forms of identification include a bank statement, car registration, government check or document, non-photo driver’s license, rent receipt, sample ballot, utility bill, or any other official document.

Mandatory poll worker/election official training: State requires training, but does not specify guidelines.

Paper trail: no

Provisional ballot validity determined by jurisdiction of voter, not precinct:

Registration deadline: Register 10 days before election or at the polling place on Election Day.

Uniform voting system: no