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Michigan Electoral Situation
Absentee ballots require an excuse: yes

Early voting: no

Felons: The State of Michigan prohibits felons currently in prison from voting. Once an individual has completed their sentence, their right to vote is automatically restored.

ID Laws: First-time voters who register by mail and do not provide ID verification with registration application need: a driver’s license with photo (any state); Personal identification card with photo (any state); Government issued photo identification card; Passport; Student identification card with photo; Credit or automated teller card with photo; Military identification card with photo; Employee identification with photo; A paycheck or paycheck stub from any employer issued within the last year; A Social Security Administration check statement issued within the last year; Government or military paycheck or paycheck stub issued within the last year; Tax return check or check statement issued by the IRS or the State of Michigan within the last year; A gas, telephone, electric, water, cable or other utility bill issued within the last year; A statement from a bank or credit union dated within the last year;  Vehicle registration; Electronic Benefit Transaction (EBT) card; Department of Social Services (DSS) card; Insurance card issued pursuant to a government administered or subsidized health insurance program such as Medicare or Medicaid; Veteran’s identification card; Lease agreement provided under a public housing program or subsidized housing program; Public housing identification card; Tuition statement or bill from a public college or university; Correspondence or a bill received from a federal, state or local government; Discharge certificate, release papers, pardon, or other official document issued to the voter in connection with the resolution of a criminal case, indictment, sentence or other matter, in accordance with state law; Discount card issued by a public transportation authority or a provider to senior citizens or persons with disabilities; Marriage license.

Mandatory poll worker/election official training: yes

Paper trail: yes

Provisional ballot validity determined by jurisdiction of voter, not precinct: no

Registration deadline: Register 30 days before the election.

Uniform voting system: yes (by 2006)