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Delaware Electoral Situation
Absentee ballots require an excuse: yes

Early voting:

Felons: The State of Delaware prohibits felons currently on probation, in prison, or on parole from voting. In addition, any former felon who has been convicted of murder, manslaughter, certain sexual crimes, or offenses against offices of public administration such as bribery will remain Disfranchised after the completion of their sentence. Those who have completed their sentence and have not been convicted of the charges listed above can either seek a pardon or wait five years from the completion of their sentence for their rights to be restored.

ID Laws: All voters need: Photo ID; Utility bill; Paycheck; or any other government document with the voter’s name and address on it.

Mandatory poll worker/election official training:

Paper trail: no

Provisional ballot validity determined by jurisdiction of voter, not precinct: yes

Registration deadline: Registration ends 20 days before the election.

Uniform voting system: