Automatic Voter Registration

FairVote calls on all members to support A03480, the Automatic Voter Registration Act, introduced by New York assemblyman Michael Gianaris.  This bill is intended to create clean and complete voter rolls by requiring the New York department of motor vehicles and the department of taxation and finance to transmit names and addresses of all New York residents who are citizens of the U.S. to the state board of elections to create a voter list. Read A03480. 

Presently nearly 30% of all eligible voters are not registered to vote and effectively shut out of the political process. Having so many unregistered citizens hurts voter turnout and causes great problems in elections. The large number of voter registration requests in the months leading up to an election inevitably lead to lost or incorrectly processed registrations and ultimately unregistered voters with no recourse on election day. Voter registration drives invite fraud. Partisan actions such as a Republican-linked voter registration firm in Nevada allegedly throwing out forms collected from voters registering as Democrats, and accusations of Democratic urban machines registering dead people to vote in cities like Milwaukee and Chicago. The inevitable result is judges getting involved in deciding close elections

Pointing fingers and name-calling won't help us fix the problem. The way forward is to set a goal of 100 percent voter registration by establishing registration as a mutual responsibility of citizens and their government. Not only does such a process provide nearly 100 percent voter registration, but it leads to much cleaner voter rolls and less voter fraud. With comprehensive databases and full registration, there is no longer a question about who is or is not registered. Everyone is registered.

Tell Assemblyman Michael Gianaris or your local New York state rep. to support this bill. Use this sample letter as a  (pdf.) or (rtf.)

To support this bill - contact Assemblyman Michael Gianaris at
             Assemblyman Michael Gianaris
             New York State House
             LOB 742
             Albany, NY 12248

             p. 518-455-5014
             [email protected]

and for New York residents, please contact your local State Representative