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Oklahoma Election Administration
Chief Election Official(s): State Election Board (View Website)
Election/Appointment Process:
The head of the State Election Board is appointed by the Senate at the beginning of the legislative session (the person who is appointed as the Secretary of the Senate is automatically appointed as the Secretary of the State Election Board). In addition, there are three State Election Board members appointed by the Governor upon advice and consent of the Senate. Board members are appointed for 4 year terms (last appointed in 2003). Two are from the majority political party, one from the second largest political party. The three board members do not have regular day-to-day functions in the agency, but meet when required to certify elections, appoint county election board secretaries, board members, etc. (The Secretary, who is the person in charge of the day-to-day functions of the agency is not a voting member of the board.)
  • Prescribes voter registration forms
  • Determines ballot eligibility of parties
  • Approves new voting systems/ devices
Secondary Official(s): 77 County Election Boards
Election/Appointment Process:
The person in charge of the day-to-day functions of the county election board is the Secretary of the County Election Board. This person is appointed by the State Election Board for a two year term beginning on May 1 of odd-numbered years.Each county also has a three member election board which canvasses returns, certifies elections, appoints precinct officials and conducts recounts. At the county level, the Secretary of the County Election board is a voting member of the board. The other two members are appointed (one from each of the two largest political parties) by the State Election Board.
  • Advertises statewide ballot questions (each county recieves a model press release from the State Election Board)
  • Canvasses election returns
  • Handle all state recounts
The election calendar is set by statute.

Current Official(s):
Michael Clingman, Secretary
Glo Henley, Chairman
Kenneth Monroe, Vice Chairman
Thomas E. Prince, Member
Public Office Experience: N/A
Reelection/Reappointment Date: 2007
Contact Information:
Room B-6, State Capitol Building
PO Box 53156
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152
Telephone 405-521-2391
Fax 405-521-6457
[email protected]


Response to Democracy SoS Election Reform Survey
[Completed by Oklahoma State Election Board, July 29, 2005]

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