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Illinois Election Administration
Chief Election Official(s): State Board of Elections (View Website)
Election/Appointment Process: The Board is an 8-member, bipartisan panel consisting of four Republicans and four Democrats, two of each party from Cook County and two of each party from Downstate. The Governor appoints four members from his own political party and selects four from a list of nominees submitted to him by the highest ranking official of the opposite political party. Board members serve staggered, four-year terms. They elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman of opposite political parties. The Chairman and Vice Chairman serve two-year terms on a party rotation basis.
  • Supervises the prescription of voter registration forms by the 110 Election Authorities
  • Approves new voting systems/ devices
  • Advertises statewide ballot questions
  • Prepares election calendar
  • Canvasses election returns
Secondary Official(s): 110 Election Authorities
Election/Appointment Process: 102 Elected County Clerks, 1 County Election Commission, and 8 Municipal Election Comissions.
  • Determines ballot eligibility of parties
  • Handles state recounts
Current Official(s): Bryan Schneider, Albert Porter, Jesse R. Smart, Wanda L. Rednour, Robert J. Walters, Patrick A. Brady, William M. McGuffage, John R. Keith
Public Office Experience: N/A
Reelection/Reappointment Date: 6/30 of 2005 and 2007
Contact Information:
1020 S. Spring Street
P.O. Box 4187
Springfield, Illinois 62708
Telephone: 217/782-4141
Fax: 217/782-5959
[email protected].

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