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Colorado Election Administration
Chief Election Official(s): Secretary of State (View Website)
Election/Appointment Process:
Partisan Election
  • Prescribes voter registration forms
  • Determines ballot eligibility of parties
  • Approves new voting systems/ devices
  • Prepares election calendar
  • Canvasses election returns
  • Handles state recounts
Secondary Official(s): Legislative Council
Election/Appointment Process: The Legislative Council is an eighteen member legislative committee. Six members of the Senate are appointed to the council by the President of the Senate and six members of the House are appointed to the council by the Speaker of the House. Appointments are subject to the approval of the respective houses. The President of the Senate and the majority and minority leaders of the Senate as well as the Speaker of the House and majority and minority leaders of the House serve as ex officio members of the council.
  • Advertises statewide ballot questions (an in-depth analysis is sent to all registered voters)
Current Official(s): Mike Coffman
Public Office Experience:
State Treasurer, State Representative, State Senator
Reelection/Reappointment Date:
Primary Date: August 8, 2006
Contact Information: Hon. Mike Coffman
Secretary of State
Suite 250, 1700 Broadway
Denver, CO 80290
(303) 894-2200
Fax (303) 869-4860
[email protected]


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