Results, May 6 2000 Election 
Amarillo Independent School District 
(4 seats to be filled) 

In the first Amarillo Independent School District election
with cumulative voting, voters chose James Allen, Pete Smith, Anette Carlisle and Rita Sandoval from a field of seven candidates. Sam Lovelady was unopposed for the unexpired term.

[All precincts reporting, plus early voting [100%] Winners
marked with an asterisk(*)]

Candidate Name Number of Votes Percentage of Votes
Tate Williams 1832 5.81 
* James Allen 7619 24.18 
* Rita A. Sandoval 4382 13.91 
Mike Sarzynski  3317 10.93 
* Anette J. Carlisle 5389 17.10 
J.L. Quackenbush 2484 7.88 
* Albert "Pete" Smith 6485 20.58 

(Election for unexpired term) 
* Sam Lovelady 7044 - 

Statistics in this election: 12,280 people voted in the city election or 12.7 percent of registered voters. 96,716 citizens are registered to vote in Amarillo.