Youth (Non-) Voters

Voter turnout in American elections has plunged in recent years, but the drop has been particularly pronounced among the young. In fact, turnout among senior citizens has increased since 1972, even as turnout dropped from 50% to 32% among citizens aged 18 to 24 and from 71% to 49% among citizens aged 25 to 44. (Note: the turnout percentages in the three graphs below are based on surveys conducted by the U.S. Census, and are inflated from the actual turnout of Americans of adult population. Less than 50% of American adults voted in the 1996 presidential election, and only 36% voted in the November 1998 congressional elections.)

Links on Youth Voter Turnout and Related Organizations



Source: "Decision 2000: Youngest voter's participation drops";
Detroit News; Thursday January 13, 2000