IRV Op-Eds
April 24th 2008
Instant Runoff Voting could simplify things
Commercial Appeal Online

An Op-Ed explaining the benefits of IRV and why Memphis Charter Commission should put a referendum on the ballot to give Memphis residents the option of choosing IRV for city elections.

April 21st 2008
Instant runoffs worth the time and effort
Amarillo Globe News

Texas’ April 8th runoff election experienced a dramatic decline in voter turnout from the March 4th initial round, Rob Richie explains why this huge turnout decrease makes the case for IRV.

April 10th 2008
The complexities of instant-runoff voting
The Daily Stanford

Commentary about the reasons Stanford uses instant runoff voting for its student elections.

February 15th 2008
Elections: from rank to ranked
The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times discusses ranked choice voting as a good fit for populist Washington.

February 10th 2008
My view: Charter changes would inspire more voters
Santa Fe New Mexican

Local Santa Fe activist believes ranked choice voting and public financing are good for the city.

January 31st 2008
Let's Have Instant Runoffs
Memphis Flyer

Op. ed from Shelby County (TN) commissioner Steven Mulroy advocating instant runoff voting to replace Memphis' expensive city runoff elections.

January 22nd 2008
It's time for instant runoff voting
Burlington Free Press

Op. ed. from Vermont State Rep. Michael Fisher advocating for instant runoff voting for Congressional elections, and noting the success of the system in Burlington.

December 29th 2007
Local view: Instant-runoff voting system would save money and trips to the polls
Duluth News Tribune

FairVote MN op. ed. highlighting the benefits of instant runoff voting for Duluth, MN, including reduction in election costs and number of elections to administer.

November 8th 2007
Instant runoff? It worked for Kermit
Sarasota Herald Tribune

Columnist Tom Lyons shares his excitement that instant runoff voting has passed in Sarasota, Florida.

September 28th 2007
Let the most popular candidate win
Christian Science Monitor

FairVote's chairman explains why instant runoff voting improves our political discourse and does away with the "spoiler" label for independent candidacies. (Also appeared in publications such as the Chicago Sun Times and Raleigh News and Observer)

July 30th 2007
Vacancies Often Create One Special Election Too Many
Roll Call

Georgia's "special-special" election to fill a vacant U.S. House seat demonstrates why IRV makes so much sense.

June 7th 2007
Time for a fact check on county’s new voting system
The News Tribune

Richard Anderson-Connolly, associate professor of comparative sociology at the University of Puget Sound, voices optimism about Pierce County’s new ranked-choice voting system.

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