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Democracy SoS
The Democracy SoS (Secretary of State) Project aims to shine a spotlight on the role of election officials and their decisions. Through research, candidate surveys and public awareness campaigns, we seek to hold election officials accountable for poor decisions and promote best practices for ensuring fair elections.

In 2008, Democracy SoS will assemble a voter guide of Secretary of State candidates using surveys covering the following areas: voter education, voter registration, election planning, counting ballots, voting options, electoral systems, voter qualifications and campaign finance.

Democracy SoS will also release a report in August evaluating county preparedness for the November election in select states. The report will include county plans for allocating machines and voting booths, ballot design, polling locations for college students and provisional ballot counting rules.

Meet the 2008 SoS Candidates

In West Virginia, the incumbent, Betty Ireland (Republican), is not running for re-election. Charles Minimah (Republican) will run against Natalie Tennant (Democrat) in November's general election. West Virgina's primary election was held on May 13.  Mr. Minimah ran unopposed. Ms. Tennant, who won by 52 percent of the vote, defeated two opponents: Joe Delong and Billy Wayne Bailey.
In Oregon, incumbent, Bill Bradbury (Democrat), is not running for re-election.  Kate Brown defeated her Democratic challengers (Rick Metsger,  Paul Damian Wells, Vicki Walker) and will run against Rick Dancer (Republican) in the general election. 

In Montana, incumbent Brad Johnson (Republican) will run against Linda McCulloch (Democrat) and Sieglinde Sharbono (Constitution Party of Montana). Montana’s primary election was June 3. 

In Missouri, Robin Carnahan (Democrat) is running unopposed. The candidate filing date has passed, and Missouri’s primary election is August 19.

In Vermont, incumbent Debora Markowitz (Democrat) will face challenger Eugene J. Bifano (Republican). Vermont's primary election is September 9. 

In Washington, incumbent Sam Reed (Republican), will face Jason Osgood (Democrat), Mark Greene (Commons Party), Marilyn Montgomery (Constitution Party).  Washington's primary election is August 19.

In the News
June 29th 2009
Register Everybody
Roll Call

Editorial declares that the U.S. government needs to start taking a more proactive approach to voter registration in order to live up to the standards that other countries have set.

September 8th 2008
Vote 2008: Polling booth numbers could be cause for concern
Santa Fe New Mexican

FairVote report on election administration is featured in this article on potential Election Day problems in New Mexico.

June 18th 2008
Ballots step backward?
Collier Citzens Newspaper

The Collier Citizens, reports paper ballots may not be a thing of the past.

June 17th 2008
Baker and elections board clash over the meaning of ‘frivolity’
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, officials clash over voter ID law

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