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Media Coverage of San Francisco Proposition A/Instant Runoff Voting


  • San Francisco Chronicle: "'Ranked Vote gets Fanciful Scenario." Article highlights San Francisco's use of IRV and features comments by CVD's Steven Hill. August 11, 2004.

  • Los Angeles Times: "S.F. Takes the Lead in New Voting Method." IRV in San Francisco draws lengthy news coverage. August 9, 2004.

  • San Francisco Chronicle: "Election officials say instant runoff ready. If feds and state approve, system can be used in fall." Officials say instant runoff voting system will be ready for November Board of Supervisors elections. April 26, 2004.

  • SF Weekly: "Making Nice: City and state elections officials finally strike a harmonious note in their erratic efforts to roll out IRV." November 26, 2003.

  • SF Weekly: "Blowing It: How San Francisco elections officials dropped the ball on instant runoff voting." September 2003

  • Working Change: "Bureaucrats stall IRV in San Francisco: Elected and unelected officials nationwide block reform legislation." September 2, 2003

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Don't bury IRV." San Francisco's leading weekly calls for implementing IRV in 2004. August 27, 2003

  • Hampshire Gazette (MA): "Are elections just a game of chance?" Plug for IRV in Massachusetts and California. August 16, 2003

  • Asian Week: "Terminating Democracy." Article which explains how IRV, if used statewide would help in California's recall election. August 14, 2003

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian: "S.F., crucible for democracy." August 13, 2003

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Barely alive: Only the courts can save IRV now that Arntz has declared it dead and the commission prepares to pull the trigger." August 13, 2003

  • San Francisco Chronicle: "No quick decision on S.F. runoff plan Judge sets hearing on issue for Aug. 20." August 12, 2003

  • San Francisco Examiner: "Suit seeks to force 1-2-3 ranked voting." August 12, 2003

  • Progressive Web: "Recall Improvements." Editor Matthew Rothschild comments on the news of the day. August 7, 2003

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Critical moment for election reform Imminent Shelley decision could allow ranked-choice voting." News article explains the current landscape in the battle to implement IRV on time in San Francisco. July 23, 2003

  • San Francisco Chronicle: "Fufill the will of voters." Op-ed piece finds the opposition to the new instant system to be nothing short of discriminatory, particularly to minorities and candidates with less money to spend. June 13, 2003.  

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian (CA): "On the Move: IRV election reform finally makes some moves toward the November ballot."  June 11, 2003. 

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian (CA): "Making IRV reality." Editorial encourages prompt implementation of instant runoff voting in San Francisco. April 16, 2003.
  • San Francisco Chronicle (CA): Instant Runoff Voting on Track for November Vote in San Francisco: Keep updated on implementation of IRV in San Francisco, including this recent newspaper article about leading politicians supporting fair and effective implementation. March 20, 2003.
  • CVD's post-election Press Release and media coverage, March 7, 2002.
  • San Francisco Examiner: "Goodbye to December Runoffs." Steven Hill, CVD. December 11, 2002.
  • San Francisco Examiner: "As Simple as 1,2,3, Right?" At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors Rules Committee, CVD's Caleb Kleppner gives a presentaton on the basics of IRV. December 4, 2002.
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian, November 27, 2002.

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