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University of Maryland Election 2003 

April 2003

 The April 13-14 Student Government elections at the University of Maryland-College Park made the school the largest in the U.S. to use instant runoff voting. And with five candidates vying for the presidency and many other multi-candidate races, the system arrived just in time.

Of the seven executive elections, six resulted in a runoff. But through the online election system using IRV, UMD was able to save money and time. Voter turnout also increased from last year to 22%. We have collected the results of the IRV tallies.

The new voting system also received much attention from the University of Maryland Diamondback student newspaper. Coverage included a ranking of endorsements in order to help voters understand how they would be voting under IRV. The following is a sampling of coverage.

A better way to vote: UMD senior and former CVD program associate Eric Swalwell comments on the first use of IRV. April 18, 2003.

Daly takes SGA presidency: The Diamondback reports on the 2003 election results. April 18, 2003.

Insta-runoff: Quick fix for a mess: The Diamondback analyzes IRV in the context of the UMD elections. April 17, 2003.

SGA expects instant runoff in election: This Election 2003 preview story serves as a good description of IRV for students.

CHANGE the SGA: Election season endorsement column includes recommendations on how voters should rank their choices. April 14, 2003.

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