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January 17th 2009
D.C. Voting Rights Bill Set for Hearing
The Washington Post

The House Judiciary Committee is set to hear testimony on the DC House Voting Rights Act (H.157) on Tuesday, January 27.

January 9th 2009
The shape of elections to come
Minnesota Public Radio

At a public hearing, Minnesota election administrators propose automatic voter registration, early voting to ensure a more efficient and secure voting process.

November 14th 2008
Put an end to election messes
The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe editorial board endorses universal voter registration.

November 7th 2008
Push to Expand Early Balloting and Voter Rolls
The New York Times

EAC Chair Rosemary Rodriguez and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton endorse universal and automatic voter registration.

November 7th 2008
Voting Rights Victories this Week
Uprising Radio

FairVote's Rob Richie discusses electoral reform in the 2008 elections.

November 5th 2008
As Maine goes, voting should go
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Editorial cites FairVote in calling for national standards for running elections.

November 3rd 2008
How business can help insure a smooth election
San Francisco Chronicle

Credo phone company president calls for universal voter registration and other reforms.

November 2nd 2008
Your Career: Should Election Day be a holiday?

FairVote's Adam Fogel discusses the importance of paid time-off work to vote on Election Day.

October 30th 2008
Feds must modernize voter registration to end fraud
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In an opinion piece, FairVote's Rob Richie and Adam Fogel explain how federal and state officials can modernize the U.S. voter registration system.

October 29th 2008
Striving for a smooth election
The Boston Globe

The President of Demos calls for universal voter registration.

October 29th 2008
eCRASH: Elections Web site goes down on absentee ballot deadline
Capital News Service

FairVote's Adam Fogel comments on Maryland Board of Elections' website crash near the absentee voting deadline.

October 27th 2008
Messy Elections: Can we trust the results?

Election integrity activist calls for secure elections and ranked choice voting.

October 23rd 2008
Closing In on Election Day
Time Magazine

Time Magazine highlights problems with the American electoral system.

October 17th 2008
The Acorn Story
The New York Times

The New York Times editorial board endorses universal voter registration.

October 17th 2008
Election coverage: Elections results in Lake County could be compromised
Lake County Journals

FairVote's Adam Fogel comments on mail-in voter registration problems in Lake County (IL).

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