IRV Editorials
July 13th 2007
Eye on election reform a good start
Aspen Times

Following expensive and redundant runoffs, Aspen looks ready for IRV and other reforms.

July 5th 2007
Instant runoff voting deserves a closer look
Kalamazoo Gazette

The Kalamazoo Gazette notes IRV is worth exploring.

July 2nd 2007
Doing away with election spoilers
Trenton Times

The Trenton Times, concerned about the spoiler impact, extols the virtues of IRV.

June 15th 2007
Instant runoff voting is worth a look
Daily Breeze

Editorial advocates use of instant runoff voting to improve voter turnout and strengthen democratic institutions.

May 31st 2007
Instant Change
The News & Observer

Editorial on Cary's decision to vote for IRV this fall.

April 19th 2007
A better way to vote
USA Today

Largest circulation newspaper in U.S. editorializes in favor of IRV.

April 9th 2007
Warm Weather Party: The Review’s pick for ASSU Exec
Stanford Review

Stanford University newspaper editorial ranking endorsements for a student government election using IRV.

March 21st 2007
A new way to vote?
Bangor Daily News

Editorial urges Maine legislators to consider IRV.

February 5th 2007
IRV lets voters rank candidates
Trenton Times

Editorial calls for IRV in New Jersey.

December 10th 2006
Instant runoff is a fair, smart voting process
Athens Banner-Herald

Strong support from county elections officials in Georgia for IRV.

November 27th 2006
Editorial: Pawlenty should reserve IRV judgment
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Star-Trib wants Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty to take IRV seriously as a solution to the spoiler problem.

November 27th 2006
From the Daily: Bring back IRV
Michigan Daily

An editorial calls for a return to instant runoff voting in Ann Arbor (MI), where the reform could restore choice to the city's uncompetitve elections.

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