IRV Commentary
May 21st 2008
Ranked Choice Voting good option for a city election
Arizona Republic

Commentary by Arizona State University professor Dave Wells suggests instant runoff voting for Tempe elections.

May 8th 2008
Superdelegates expose super problems in voting system

Commentary suggests parties use instant runoff voting in primaries.

January 22nd 2008
Political game on road to President XLIV far from super
Daily Herald

Illinois columnist indicates the potential spoiler dynamic in presidential primary elections and how instant runoff voting could solve this problem.

November 27th 2007
Liberals' Lesson Down Under
Washington Post

Washington Post columnist, E.J. Dionne, notes shift in Australian politics with new Labor Party majority, as well as the role that Green Party preferences under instant runoff voting had in both aiding Labor and bringing environmentalism to the fore.

November 8th 2007
Thinking big, we arrive at little questions
The News Tribune

Peter Callaghan reflects on how there are many conclusions that can be drawn from just one vote.

October 24th 2007
On Nov. 6, vote yes, five times
Aspen Times

An outspoken Aspen local says of the city's ballot measure on instant runoff voting: "A big YES on this one."

June 21st 2007
Tease for two
Renew America

Political conservative advocates IRV in commentary.

May 17th 2007
No way to run an election
L.A. Times

New America Foundation's Steven Hill and Lynne Serpe argue Los Angeles should replace expensive, low turnout runoffs with instant runoff voting.

February 15th 2007
Real Democracy Or Dystopia

New America's Steven Hill highlights America's crossroads: a diminishing role for voters in dumbed down elections or real democracy characterized by diverse legislatures, fair media and a directly elected president.

January 3rd 2007
Instant runoff voting: speaking to voter needs
Seattle Times

FairVote board member Krist Novoselic on the November 2006 victory for instant runoff voting in Pierce County (WA) and how it will work there.

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