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November 9th 2005
Assessor-recorder Ting close to winning assessor race
The San Francisco Examiner

Since no candidate won more than 50 percent of the vote in the San Francisco Assessor-Recorder race, the instant run-off voting system will be used in the race.

November 9th 2005
Incumbent smiles match mayoral grin
San Francisco

In San Francisco, IRV may help Phil Ting be elected as Assessor-Recorder with a majority of support while not splitting the Asian American vote.

February 24th 2005
San Francisco's Innovation in Democracy- Instant Runoff
Chrisitan Science Monitor

Rob Richie and Steven Hill's opinion piece on Instant Runoff Voting in San Francisco in the Christian Science Monitor discusses the deeper problems in American elections.

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  • California Instant Runoff Voting Coalition is an action-oriented site that is campaigning for more of the successful local ballot measures in California (like Oakland, Santa Clara County and San Leandro County) as well as state legislation.

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