July 20th 2005
Georgia's Undemocratic Voter Law
The New York Times

Georgia ID law erects voting barriers for black, poor and elderly voters.

June 22nd 2005
Extending Democracy to Ex-Offenders
The New York Times

Returning the right to vote to ex-offenders is an important step toward a healthier democracy.

April 8th 2005
'I Hear Disenfranchised People'

Electionline's Doug Chapin uses statistical evidence to show that current voter registration methods leave many eligible citizens unregistered and disenfranchised.

October 4th 2004
Disenfranchised Citizens
The Boston Globe

September 28th 2004
Barriers to Student Voting
New York Times

May 24th 2004
Banning the Vote
Wire Tap

May 15th 2001
Progress on Election Reform

Democratic and Republican senators have joined forces to pass a bill that would reform voting practices and standards during elections.

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