Percent of vote won by center-right parties in France's 1993 elections: 39%. Percent seats won: 80%.

        Percent of vote won by Canada's Progressive Conservative party (the majority party before elections) in that country's winner-take-all elections in 1993: 16%. Percent of seats it won: 0.7%.

        Number of seats that Canada's second and third largest parties in its current parliament-- the Bloc Quebocois and the Reform Party -- contested against one another in 1993 elections: 0.

        Percent of women in German Bundestag elected in PR seats: 29%. Percent elected in winner-take-all seats: 12%.

        Percent of women in Australian Senate (using PR): 23%. Percent women in its House (using winner-take-all): 7%

        Percent of U.S. Senate that is female, Latino or black: 7%. Percent of U.S. population in these categories: 61%.

        Percent of black North Carolinians who live in controversial black majority districts and have a realistic opportunity to elect candidates of choice: 43%. Percent who would have this opportunity in PR plan: 100%.

        Number of times in last 20 years of Gallup polling that approval of Congress has reached 50%: 0 times. Percent of Congress a citizen controls with his/her votes: 0.5%.

        Percent of Americans who agree "Congress is not doing the job we elected it to do. It's time for change, even if it means voting against my own representative": 78%. Percentage of electorate who want a new congressional representative: 52%. Percent of House incumbents who lost in 1992 after decennial redistricting: 8%.

        Traditional definition of election landslide: 60%. Members of U.S. House of Representatives who won landslides in 1992, a year of "voter revolt" and high number of "open" seats: 344.

        Percent of Americans who favor congressional term limits: 76%. Percent of Democrats (whose party has controlled House of Representatives since 1955) favoring them: 75%.

        Percent of vote for Democratic candidates in contested congressional elections in 1992: 52%. Percent of these seats won by Democrats: 60%.

        Percent of Republicans elected in 22 races for Congress in West Virginia since 1982: 0%. Average percent of vote for Democratic presidential candidates there since 1982: 48.3%.

        Percent of Italians who voted in 1993 referendum to adopt a mixed member system: 82%. Percent of New Zealanders who voted in 1992 referendum to replace winner-take-all system with PR: 85%.

        Percent of vote won in Salerno by Salerno Progress party in 12/93 Italian municipal elections, which used winner-take-all system for the first time: 19.6%. Percent of city council seats it won: 60%.

        Number of times Bill Clinton called Lani Guinier's ideas about proportional representation "anti-democratic": 1. Number of states Bill Clinton won with a majority of the vote in 1992: 1.

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