Voting and Democracy Report: 1993


A.  Resolution of the Board of Directors of The Center for Voting and Democracy approved at July 1993 annual meeting
B.  Columns by CV&D members on redistricting and proportional systems
C.  articles by CV&D members on debate over Lani Guinier nomination
D.  Evidence of activity and interest in Massachusetts and Washington state
E.  Column by CV&D Advisory Board member Kathleen Barber with "voting system wheel" during debate over voting systems in Cincinnati
F.  The Center for Voting and Democracy "factsheet" on three "modified at-large" systems that can be used in both partisan and non-partisan elections
G.  Two-page bibliography
H.  Criteria for voting systems used by New Zealand Royal Commission for their report in which they recommended the mixed member proportional system (MMP) that was adopted by voter referendum in 1993
I.  Article on the visit to New Zealand of CV&D's Rob Richie and Cynthia Terrell
J.  Brochure on "MMP" produced by the New Zealand Electoral Reform Coalition


Table of Contents