Mapping our Future: 

A Public Interest Guide to Redistricting

Information on redistricting in all 50 states is available by clicking on the state to the left.  We have compiled important media coverage of national redistricting issues. Postings in January 2004 concern the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Montana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Texas. Election law attorney Edward Still regularly updates his website with developments in redistricting litigation.

Mapping our Future is a state-by-state guide, from August 2000, to the details of redistricting at that time.  It contains information on the statutes governing redistricting, litigation in the previous decade, any reform efforts and legislation on redistricting and an analysis of the political landscape in each state. The report now includes information about how redistricting has proceeded in each state, including a wide array of newspaper articles.

George Mason University professor Michael McDonald reviews means toenhance competitiveness in redistricting . More information about redistricting is available in the voting rights section of our website.

Do you have information about redistricting in your state that you think we should include?  Please send your redistricting tidbits to [email protected]. As always, we welcome your input, comments, and suggestions.

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