IRV Commentary
November 27th 2006
Election Proves Instant Runoff Voting Is Catching On in California and Other States
California Progress Report

Steven Hill, director of the New America Foundation's Political Reform Program, offers a rundown of instant runoff voting's growing popularity among diverse American communities in the wake of four November 2006 wins.

November 24th 2006
Campaign 2006 In Review
Asian Week

Columnist Phil Nash cites four November 2006 wins for instant runoff voting - and the San Francisco supervisor race where IRV ensured a majority winner - as positive developments for Asian Americans.

November 18th 2006
Time for better choices
Timberjay Newspapers

An op-ed piece calls for instant runoff voting to go statewide in Minnesota.

November 13th 2006
Stateside With Rosalea: Happy! Happy! Happy!
Scoop Independent News

IRV "provides a unique solution to problems with representative government and democracy" for four very different areas, comments Rosalea Barker.

November 11th 2006
S.F. supes: Ed Jew in District 4
San Francisco Chronicle

For the first time in San Francisco's history, choice voting reordered the election results, giving the victory over the closely contested District 4 to Ed Jew.

November 10th 2006
RCV Results Posted
San Francisco Chronicle Blog

The San Francisco Board of Elections posts ranked choice voting results for Districts 4 and 6.

November 3rd 2006
Eyes on the Prize
Asian Week

Author advocates the examination of instant-runoff and proportional voting as ways of updating an out of date electoral system.

October 30th 2006
Electile Dysfunction?
News Release Wire

Former FairVote President Matthew Cossolotto calls for a range of reforms, highlighting two problems of American democracy: "counting the votes" and "making votes count."

October 29th 2006
Making every vote count
Guardian Unlimited

U.K. political commentator notes the growing acceptance of electoral reforms like IRV and proportional voting among those in the ruling Labour Party.

October 26th 2006
IRV, a Better Way
The Nation

FairVote board member Krist Novoselic explains how instant runoff voting will restore competition and voter choice while improving turnout and the tones of campaigns.

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