Voting in the Major Democracies

Lower/Single House Elections In The World's Major, Full-fledged Democracies

Country Proportional
Australia * SMD (irv)  
Austria PR
Belgium PR
Benin PR
Bolivia PR (mmpr)
Canada   SMD
Costa Rica PR
Czech Republic PR
Denmark PR
Finland PR
France ** SMD (mr)
Germany PR (mmpr)  
Greece PR
Hungary MIXED (pr)
Ireland PR (stv)  
Israel PR
Italy MIXED (smd)
Jamaica SMD
Japan MIXED (smd)
Korea, South MIXED (smd)
Latvia PR
Lithuania MIXED (equal)
Netherlands PR
New Zealand PR (mmpr)  
Norway PR
Poland PR
Portugal PR
Romania PR
Slovakia PR
Slovenia PR
South Africa PR
Spain PR
Sweden PR
Switzerland PR
Taiwan SNTV (w/PR)
United Kingdom ** SMD
United States   SMD
Uruguay PR
TOTAL 26 6 6

Data supplied by Professor Mark Jones of Michigan State University.

"Full-fledged" democracy means the country earned a 1998 Freedom House Average Freedom score of 2 or less.  
"Major" requires the country to have a population of at least two million.

* Australia uses PR for Senate elections.
** France and the United Kingdom use PR for European Union elections.
Canada, Jamaica and the United States are the only countries to qualify for the list and not use PR in any national elections.

irv = Instant Runoff Voting which Australians call alternative vote
MIXED = some reps elected by PR and some by SMD
mmpr = Mixed-Member Proportional Representation
PR = Proportional Representation
SMD = Single Member District
stv = Single Transferable Vote
sntv = Single N0n-Transferable Vote
For the Mixed Systems, SMD or PR signify that the SMD or PR component is dominant.