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  • Proportional Representation Articles

    More Detailed Descriptions of Proportional Representation

  • Quotes Concerning Proportional Representation
  • The True Experience of PR in American Cities
  • When Every Vote Counts: A Look at Proportional Representation, by Professor Douglas Amy, Mount Holyoke College
  • A Model Statute for Choice Voting
    Super-District Maps for PR in Selected States
  • Modified At-large Voting
  • Factsheet on Modified At-Large Systems:   Three candidate-based alternative systems currently used in the United States.

    Articles and Reports on Proportional Representation

    Voting and Democracy Report, 1995 A comprehensive look at voting system reform in the United States and abroad, this report contains numerous articles discussing proportional representation.

    Voting and Democracy Report, 1993 The first edition of CVD's annual assessment of the state of democracy around the world and in the United States, this report contains numerous articles discussing proportional representation.

    Proportional Representation: Next Step for Democracy  Rep. Cynthia McKinney; Roll Call, February 14, 2000
    Full Representation: The Future of Proportional Election Systems.  Lead article in the Spring 1998 National Civic Review.
    A brief response to mathematical critiques of choice voting

    Opinion & Editorial Columns

    PR and Italy -- Not What You Might Think: Critics of proportional representation often tout Italy as a reason to oppose reform. In fact, Italy is hardly indicative of how proportional representation systems work -- and winner-take-all elections likely would be even more problematic. See Steven Hill's recent published op-ed.

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