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Updated August 2003

Elections around the world
Extremely helpful site which includes information about recent elections for pretty much every country in the world. Presents results in terms of the seats and percentage of votes won by each party.

World Policy Institute: Electoral systems of the World
Includes a very helpful table and map of the election systems used by different countries to elect their primary or lower chamber of legislative government.

Election Resources on the Internet
Extremely helpful site that has links to recent election results and election authorities of a wide range of countries, as well as very in-depth reports on the electoral systems of a few countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany, South Africa, and Puerto Rico.

Psephos - Adam Carr's Election Archive
Extremely detailed site that provides an incredible number of recent election results, including results for federated states as well as federal governments and sovereign states. 

Election, democracy, and human rights news

Elections and electoral systems around the world
Vast and eclectic page with links to information about a wide range of countries.
Very helpful site that provides access to information about elections around the world. Elections are organized by date, and available information includes CNN results coverage, results summaries, links to the country's election authority, and voter turnout.

Fabulous and free online encyclopedia. Can be used to find out about the general history and politics of any given country.

International Foundation for Election Systems
"The International Foundation for Election Systems provides professional advice and technical assistance in promoting democracy and serves as an information clearinghouse on elections, rule of law, governance, and civil society."

International IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance)
"IDEA, an intergovernmental organization with member states across all continents, seeks to support sustainable democracy in both new and long-established democracies. IDEA draws on comparative experience, analyses democracy trends and assistance, and develops policy options, tools and guidelines relating to: political participation, especially of those who are under-represented electoral systems, management and observation political parties - law, management and financing post-conflict democracy building and dialogue."

The complete International IDEA Handbook of Electoral System Design is available for download in pdf format.

Electoral Reform Society
Very well-established British organization which campaigns for voting reform, with a focus on choice voting (single transferable vote). Their web site offers a wealth of information and resources.

Fair Vote Canada
Canadian organization which campaigns for voting reform, with a focus on full representation (proportional representation).

International Idea chart of Electoral system families


Sample choice voting tallies from elections in Northern Ireland.

Irish Election Database.



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