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The Globe and Mail

August 4, 2004

Summary:  An editorial about the use of full representation in Alberta, Canada.

The Globe and Mail
Try it in Alberta
W.B. Yeo
August 4, 2004

Calgary -- John Bossons should be congratulated for his answer to the perceived problems associated with our current electoral system (Floating The 12-Per-Cent Solution -- Aug. 3). His explanation and choice of examples are clearer than most, and he offers projected results.

I have a big concern, however. With the Bossons system, the House of Commons would have two classes of members: the majority, elected by ballot from constituencies, and a minority selected from lists submitted by political parties. The second group would be elected without having publicly faced the electorate. But that could be overcome by moving to multi-member constituencies combined with a single transferable vote system.

Mr. Bossons's choice of Alberta as an example of how his system might work in a federal election is significant. I feel strongly that if proportional representation is workable at all in this country, it should first be applied at the provincial level. Alberta is one place where electoral reform is desperately needed.

Proportional representation was used for 30 years in provincial elections in Alberta, and perhaps it is time to revive it.


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