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Electoral System Reform In the News

Full representation (also known as proportional representation, or "PR") and instant runoff voting (IRV) have received steadily increasing media attention in the last decade. Following are some of the best articles and commentaries.

Bangor Daily News: (ME) "Maine: Instant Runoff Voting Lets Democracy Thrive." Commentary in favor of instant runoff voting. December 30, 2002

The Bay Guardian:  (CA) "Bye, December runoffs." Commentary by CVD's Steven Hill, followed by Bay Guardian editorial urging City to move forward in implementing instant runoff voting in 2003.December 25, 2002

St. Petersburg Times: (FL) "The case for runoffs." Editorial urging adoption of instant runoff voting for both primary and general elections in Florida. December 18, 2002

Santa Monica Mirror: (CA) "Healthy Next Steps for Democracy in Santa Monica Part II." Commentary in favor of choice voting form of full representation by Santa Monica City Councilmember Michael Feinstein. December 18, 2002

Associated Press: (VT) "Groups still calling for instant runoff." Vermont PIRG executive director Paul Burns explains benefits of instant runoff voting in the context of 2002 elections. December 17, 2002

Rutland Herald: (VT) "Group states case for instant runoff." Report of Voter's Choice Coalition press conference launching instant runoff voting petition. December 17, 2002

WCAX-TV Burlington: (VT) "Election reform group pushes again for new voting system." Governor-elect Jim Douglas comments on instant runoff voting drive. December 17, 2002

Duluth News Tribune: (MN) " Duluth voters might elect next mayor in a new way." City Council President Donny Ness speaks out in favor of instant runoff voting in primary elections. December 17, 2002

Palm Beach Post: "Let voters express will through instant runoffs." Editorial recommends instant runoff voting as part of FL election overhaul. December 14, 2002

Rutland Herald: (VT) "Keeping elections democratic." Commentary in favor of instant runoff voting by League of Women Voters leader. December 11, 2002

Metrowest Daily News: (MA) "Proposed Voting System is Exercise in Free Speech." 2002 Green Party Gubernatorial nominee Jill Stein discusses how instant runoff voting would have effected election. December 10, 2002.

San Francisco Examiner: "Goodbye to December runoffs." Commentary in favor of instant runoff voting by CVD's Steven Hill. December 11, 2002

Asian Week: "Lott, Landrieu, and the Politics of Race." Commentary in favor of full representation by columnist Phil Nash. December 9, 2002

The UC Davis California Aggie: "Petition for new campus election methods finished." Green Party at UC Davis advocates for choice voting. December 06, 2002

USA Today: "Election Day replay poses avoidable problems." Nation's largest circulation newspaper comes out for instant runoff voting. November 29, 2002

Lansing State Journal: (MI)"Green Party a thorn in side of Democrats." November 28, 2002

Daily Standard: "Letters." Two letters on third parties, the spoiler problem, and the instant runoff voting solution. November 25, 2002

San Francisco Examiner: (CA) "Instant runoffs for the future." November 25, 2002

New York Times: "Two parties won't do." Compilation of citizen commentaries defending election reforms and third-party activity. November 23, 2002.

Wisconsin State Journal: (WI) I want my IRV. November 21, 2002

Tacoma News Tribune: (WA) "Winner-take-all 2-party system restricts political debate." Commentary by John Burbank of the Economic Opportunity Institute. November 20, 2002

Lansing State Journal: (MI) "Judicial elections marred by money, negative ads." John Gear advocates instant runoff voting and public financing for judicial elections. November 19, 2002

Duluth News Tribune: (MN) "Majority should rule in elections." FairVote Minnesota chairman Tony Solgard illustrates the benefits instant runoff voting could have for Minnesota elections. November 19, 2002

Business Week: "Instant Runoff Voting: An Idea Whose Time Has Come." Letter by co-president of Californians for Electoral Reform. November 18, 2002

The Oregonian: (OR) "Ron Bell: True representation in a democracy." Author suggests a form of proportional representation that is worthy of debate, if not support. November 18, 2002 "Why the Greens are also celebrating Election '02." Discussion of Green Party and the midterm elections includes instant runoff voting. November 18, 2002

Burlington Free Press: (VT) "New voting methods can help Vt." Author Bill McKibben recounts his experiences with ranked ballots and what instant runoff voting can do for Vermont. November 16, 2002

Yale Magazine: Review of "Fixing Elections: The Failure of America's Winner Take All Politics." Yale alumnus David Baker's favorable review of CVD Senior Analyst Steven Hill's new book. November 2002

New York Times: "Ruining the House." Commentary on non-competitive House races and the need for non-partisan redistricting. November 13, 2002

Duluth Budgeteer News: (MN) "Duluth may consider instant runoff voting." November 13th, 2002

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: (MN) "Instant runoff: It's a better way to vote." Minnesota's largest newspaper strongly endorses instant runoff voting. November 12, 2002

Los Angeles Times: "Letters." November 11, 2002.

Morning News: (AR) "Group Issues Legislative Agenda." An Arkansas coalition announces instant runoff voting as a priority for legislative action on voting reform. November 11, 2002

The Decatur Daily: "Instant runoff voting." November 11, 2002.

Baltimore Sun: "'Just Elections' - Democracy's Mechanics." Review of new book by a well-known philosopher that touts cumulative voting. November 10, 2002

Washington Post: "Broken Democracy." A critique of partisan redistricting that cites CVD's statistics on lack of competition in House races. November 10, 2002

Los Angeles Times: "'Safe Seats' Cheat the Voters." Editorial calls for immediate redrawing of legislative districts. November 10, 2002

ABC-22 News: (VT) "Lawmakers Consider Amendment." Story from Vermont news channel features quote on instant runoff voting from Governor Howard Dean. November 8, 2002

Oakland Tribune: (CA) "Green candidate plays down strong level of support." November 07, 2002

Los Angeles Times: "Demography vs. Democracy: Young people feel left out of the political process." Commentary from CVD's Steven Hill and Rashad Robinson. Versions of this piece ran in Wiretap, on Alternet and elsewhere. November 5, 2002

Wall Street Journal: "The Gerrymandered Democrats." Strong editorial endorsement of reforming redistricting process. November 5, 2002

Wired News: "Watch the Vote on VoteWatch." CVD's Rashad Robinson is quoted in this piece on the new VoteWatch website. November 5, 2002

New York Times: "America Votes Today. Will You?" A letter about Election Day and our "winner take all" system from CVD's Steven Hill. November 5, 2002

Arianna Online: "Election 2002: Hold Your Nose, Vote, Then Fight For Reform." Arianna Huffington advocates for various reforms, including instant runoff voting. November 4, 2002

Free Lance-Star: (VA) "Get Your Election Results Here!" CVD's Steven Hill and Rob Richie on the predictability of this year's elections. November 3, 2002

Newsday: (NY) "Politics, Incumbency Style: They've got fame, funds, friends, and voters get no choice." Columnist Rosanna Perotti discusses proportional representation as a solution to monopoly politics. November 3, 2002

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "When elections are questionable, so is democratic process." Columnist Gene Collier discusses electoral reform prospects, with quotes from CVD's Rob Richie. November 3, 2002

Houston Chronicle: (TX) "Get your election results here: 99.8% accurate." CVD's Steven Hill and Rob Richie on the predictability of this year's elections. November 3, 2002

San Jose Mercury News: (CA) "Why state has few real races for House: Redistricting, Deals Entrench Incumbents." CVD's Rob Richie is quoted. November 2, 2002

Hampshire Gazette: (MA) "O'Brien fuels local political scene." instant runoff voting is discussed in the context of local elections and third parties. November 2, 2002

Manitowoc Herald News: (WI) "Is it election or re-election day?" Looks at Wisconsin's incumbents and references Monopoly Politics. November 2, 2002

Science News: "Election Selection Are we using the worst voting procedure?" A mathematical analysis of plurality and ranked ballot voting systems and their implications. CVD representatives are quoted. November 2, 2002

Knoxville Sun-Sentinel: (TN) "Issues important to youths often not important to politicians." CVD's Rashad Robinson quoted in article that appeared in numerous newspapers. November 1, 2002

Rockford Register Star: (IL) "Anderson made a real difference The former presidential candidate returns to Lincoln Middle School to receive an award." November 1,2002 "Election Reform Finally Limps Into Port." Steven Hill's analysis of the federal election reform bill. October 31, 2002

Birmingham News: (AL) "Time for Real Choices, Not Echoes." A critique of winner-take-all elections from CVD Chair John B. Anderson. Commentary ran in several additional newspapers. October 31, 2002

United Press International: "New voting law just a start, say experts." Review of federal election reform bill features quotes from CVD's Rob Richie about proportional representation. October 31, 2002

Stevens Point Journal: (WI) "Obey a virtual 'shoo-in' Nov. 5." Gannet news article appeared in several Wisconsin newspapers. It cites CVD's Monopoly Politics. October 30, 2002

USA Today: "More than ever, incumbents in driver's seat." CVD's Rob Richie quoted in Page 1 analysis of how redistricting protects incumbents. October 30, 2002

Christian Science Monitor:  "Voting technology: Will the chads still hang?" CVD's Rashad Robinson is quoted. October 30, 2002

New York Times:  "Cure for Low Turnout." Letter by CVD Chair John B. Anderson. October 29, 2002

Charlotte Observer: (NC) "Many potential candidates ask: Why bother?" CVD's Rashad Robinson is quoted in this piece about incumbents, safe districts, and negative politics. October 29, 2002

Reuters: "Election Turnout Drops; U.S. Too Busy to Vote." CVD's Rob Richie is quoted in this national wire story. October 29, 2002

Newsday: (NY) "Better Voting System." A New York letter-writer discusses instant runoff voting in relation to the state's gubernatorial race. October 28, 2002

Cincinnati Enquirer: (OH) "GOP House members snug in incumbency." CVD's Rob Richie quoted in article on non-competitive House races. October 28, 2002

Boston Globe: (MA) "Clock ticking for O'Brien." Columnist critiques gubernatorial debates and suggests instant runoff voting. October 27, 2002

Charlotte Observer: (NC) "Election results easy to predict." CVD's Steven Hill and Rob Richie explain how redistricting and winner-take-all elections limit voters and democracy. Versions of this column appeared in several newspapers. October 25, 2002

New York Times:  Letter to the editor discusses instant runoff voting and California's gubernatorial race. October 21, 2002

Washington Times:  "House election focus local." CVD's Rob Richie is quoted in this article about the significance of smaller, local issues in this election. October 21, 2002

Los Angeles Daily News: (CA) "Reapportionment deal makes elections a moot point." CVD's Rob Richie is quoted. Article appeared in several California newspapers. October 20, 2002

Seattle Times: (WA) "Election 2002: Why so many races lack competition." The Times' chief political reporter fingers redistricting and regional division for non-competitiveness. October 13, 2002

Boston Globe:  "Redistricting aids incumbents, but hurts minorities." CVD's Rob Richie quoted in article on redistricting. October 13, 2002

Miami Herald:  (FL)"Police to aid in Nov. 5 election." CVD's Rashad Robinson is quoted in this piece about use of police to help deal with Election Day problems. October 13, 2002

Center for Public Justice Newsletter: The Center for Public Justice's latest newsletter has a special series on democracy, featuring articles in favor of proportional representation and instant runoff voting. Fourth Quarter 2002

Bennington Banner:  (VT) "State elections need to be reformed." League of Women Voters of Vermont President Marge Gaskins urges the legislature to make instant runoff voting a priority. October 11, 2002

Daily Hampshire Gazette:  (MA) "Amherst to consider runoff system." October 11, 2002

San Francisco Chronicle:  "None of the Above: Voters dissatisfied with Davis and Simon do have other options." Jonathan Curiel on how the California gubernatorial race illustrates the need for systemic reforms such as instant runoff voting. October 6, 2002

Associated Press:  (VT) "Governor addresses Legislature vote." Gov. Howard Dean advocates instant runoff voting for Vermont statewide elections. October 6, 2002.

Cleveland Plain Dealer:  (OH) "Voters are electing to stay home." Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist touts Steven Hill's "Fixing Elections." October 6, 2002

Rocky Mountain News:  (CO) "It's time, alas, to get rid of the caucus system." Editorial in favor of ballot measure also suggests use of instant runoff voting. October 4, 2002

Minneapolis Star Tribune:  (MN) "A sign that Minnesota might be ready at last for instant runoff voting." Commentary by former Star Tribune publisher and statewide candidate. October 3, 2002

Deseret News: (UT)"Matheson's No. 1 on vulnerability list." Article cites CVD's Monopoly Politics report. October 2, 2002

Brookline TAB: (MA) "Electoral Yawns."  Article calling for instant runoff voting.  September 26, 2002.

Tallahassee Democrat: (FL): "Florida isn't alone: Democracy's infrastructure is decrepit." CVD's Steven Hill and Rob Richie look at the state of American democracy and what we can do to better it.  September 26, 2002

Topsail Voice: (NC) "Improved Runoffs Needed in North Carolina."  Letter makes case for instant runoff voting in North Carolina. September 23, 2002

St. Paul Pioneer Press: (MN) "Instant runoff voting can give us majority rule in a four-party state." Piece illustrating the benefits instant runoff voting could provide for Minnesota politics and elections. September 19, 2002

New York Times: "Formulas for a Clean Election." A letter to the editor from CVD's Vice-Chair Matthew Cossolotto. September 19, 2002 "Latest Florida Turmoil Holds Some Lessons for Other Places Debuting New Electronic Systems." Article takes a look at how states are preparing for use of new voting machines. September 19, 2002

Boston Globe:  "Let's try instant runoff voting." Letter by Mass VOTE Chairman advocating for use of instant runoff voting. September 17, 2002

Seattle Times:  "A way to motivate America's 'orphaned voters.'" Author discusses Fixing Elections and the sensibility of alternatives to our current winner-take-all system. September 16, 2002

Durham Herald-Sun: "We vote only to confirm the inevitable." Commentary on redistricting and how it limits the power of our votes.  September 13, 2002

Associated Press:  "Finger-pointing in Florida, talk of recount and worries about November elections." Report on Election Day problems in Florida, with quote from CVD's Rob Richie. September 12, 2002

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: (GA) "Election runoffs tradition in South."Piece about history of and problems with runoffs in Georgia, with quote on instant runoff voting from CVD's Rob Richie. September 9, 2002

Birmingham News:  (AL) "What if they gave an election and no one came?" Commentary on runoffs in Alabama and the benefits of instant runoff voting.  September 1, 2002

Rhode Island Newspapers:  "Should the Winner Have a Majority Vote?" Letter discusses instant runoff voting and the Rhode Island Democratic Gubernatorial primary and quotes CVD's Rob Richie. September 2002

Richmond Times-Dispatch:  (VA) "A New Kind of Election." Discussion of leaders elected without majority support and instant runoff voting. August 27, 2002

Washington Post:  "Ideas Industry" column. Two items about Alaska's vote on instant runoff voting. August 27, 2002 and September 3, 2002.  "IRV Supporters Say Partisanship Sunk Alaska Ballot Measure." August 29, 2002 "Voters reject instant runoff system." August 28, 2002

Anchorage Daily News:  (AK)  "Runoff proposal defeated 2-1 in primary." August 28, 2002:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: (VA) "A New Kind of Election." Discussion of leaders elected without majority support and instant runoff voting. August 27, 2002

Common Sense: Commentator Paul Jacob focuses on instant runoff voting in his "Common Sense" radio message. "Better Voting?" August 26, 2002

Juneau Empire: (AK) Editorial in support of instant runoff voting ballot measure in Alaska. "Instant runoff voting pros outweigh cons." August 25, 2002

Anchorage Daily News:  (AK) "Instant runoff ballots work, mates." Australian political scientist discusses success of instant runoff voting in his home country and addresses Alaskans' concerns. August 24, 2002

Associated Press:  "Alaska Voters Mull Instant Runoff." August 24, 2002

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: (AK) "Measure 1 gives voters more choices." Former Republican National Committeeman and Green Party leader make case for instant runoff voting. August 21, 2002

Anchorage Daily News:  (AK) Kenneth Jacobus and Jim Sykes advocate instant runoff voting. "Ballot Measure 1 restores choice." August 14, 2002

Honolulu Advertiser: (HI) Article describing virtues of different electoral reforms including choice voting, instant runoff voting, and cumulative voting.  "Election Day options studied." August 12, 2002

New Yorker: "Framed Up: What the Constitution gets wrong." CVD's Hendrik Hertzberg evaluates Robert Dahl's new book and his critique of our democracy. July 26, 2002

Metro West Daily News:(MA) Commentary supporting instant runoff voting for Massachusetts.  "Rader: Support for instant run-off voting." July 23, 2002

Anchorage Daily News: (AK) Article that spotlights unusual alliance between Greens and Republicans in instant runoff voting fight in Alaska, with comments from CVD's Steven Hill. "Initiative creates odd allies." July 22, 2002

Juneau Empire: (AK) News article on instant runoff voting campaign in Alaska. "Ballot measure could change way Alaska elects officials." July 19, 2002

Star Tribune: (MN) Editorial by Minnesota's biggest newspapers advocates instant runoff voting. "Galling Garst/Sham campaign is really stinky." July 19, 2002 Commentary about the Green Party's challenge to Wellstone in Minnesota and instant runoff voting. "The Greens Versus Wellstone...Or, Handing The Senate Back To Trent Lott." July 17, 2002

New York Times: "New York democracy."CVD Executive Director Rob Richie's letter to the editor about redistricting. July 14, 2002 CVD's Steven Hill and Robert Richie explain how redistricting limits voters' choices and is used to protect incumbent politicans from being defeated for re-election.  "Redistricting Makes Losers of Us All." July 8, 2002

Portland Press Herald: (ME) Commentary in support of instant runoff voting. "Instant runoff elections would guarantee majority votes." July 5, 2002

Amarillo Globe-News: (TX) Article about proportional representation in Amarillo, Texas. "District is in vanguard of reform." July 5, 2002

Anchorage Daily News: "Instant runoff: Alaska voters to decide change in electoral system." June 5, 2002

Star Tribune: (MN)Article about third party candidates in Minnesota. "Will Voters Ever Again Settle for 2 Choices?" June 27, 2002

Wall Street Journal: Article about how congressional redistricting is used to protect incumbents from both parties. "House Incumbents Tap Census, Software to Get a Lock on Seats." June 19, 2002

The Olympian: (WA) Article about instant runoff voting initative in Washington State.  "New voting method gains popularity." June 16, 2002

Press Democrat: (CA) Article about the results of cumulative voting in Santa Rosa and elsewhere, including commentary from CVD's Caleb Kleppner.  "Santa Rosa vote plan: How it works elsewhere." June 11, 2002

Anchorage Daily News: (AK) "Instant runoff: Alaska voters to decide change in electoral system." June 5, 2002

Future Hope Column: (NJ) NJ Green Party candidate for US Senate says progressives must set up organization for Democrats who support instant runoff voting. "Democrats for IRV?" June 4, 2002

Progressive Populist: Article about Greens campaign in Minnesota race and Green endorsement of Proportional Representation and instant runoff voting "Winning the Next War" June 1, 2002

Daily Hampshire Gazette: (MA) Letter to the editor endorsing instant runoff voting. "Election reform critical to democracy." June 2002

Los Angeles Daily News: (CA) "City OKs studying S.F. 'instant runoff voting.'" May 29, 2002

Press Democrat:  (CA) "Santa Rosa panel keeps cumulative vote plan." May 29, 2002

The Political Standard: The journal of the Alliance for Better Campaigns covers instant runoff voting-"Heres A Way To Vote for Every Candidate on the Ballot." May 2002.

Amarillo Globe-News: (TX) "Cumulative vote results." May 12, 2002

New Jersey Star-Ledger: Editorial endorsing instant runoff voting.  "A way around runoffs." May 11, 2002

The Nation: Jim Hightower reports on the successes and promises of instant runoff voting. "Let's Go IRV!" May 10, 2002

Missoulian: (MT) Sponsors of instant runoff voting in Montana withdraw initiative.  "Advocate drops drive for 'instant runoff' initiative." May 8, 2002

Deseret News: (UT) Preferential voting comes to Utah and has a substantive impact on local elections.  "Utah GOP alters vote method." May 8, 2002

The Nation: Article detailing the impact of cumulative voting in Texas."A Voting Reform That Works Is Transforming Texas." May 7, 2002

Prince George's Journal:  (MD) CVD's Eric Olson explains how local elections in Prince George's County, Maryland could be improved through instant runoff voting.  "Instant runoffs could reform costly special elections." May 7, 2002

Fort-Worth Star Telegram: (TX) CVD's Rob Richie and Steven Hill on why "France's Problem Is Its Electoral System." May 5, 2002

Amarillo Globe-News: (TX) Results of Amarillo School Board Election using cumulative voting.  "Two first-timers join AISD board." May 5, 2002

Washington Times: Article ascribes right-wing populist victory in France to flaws in voting system, with commentary by CVD's Rob Richie.  "Le Pen's triumph based on electoral flaws." April 29, 2002

Decatur Herald and Review: (IL) Article on attempts to bring cumulative voting back to Illinois. "Cumulative Voting Gets Second Look." April 28, 2002

Amarillo Globe-News: (TX) Article on upcoming election using cumulative voting.  "AISD election again eyes cumulative voting outcome." April 28, 2002

The Economist: Article explaining how many redistricting plans amount to politicans choosing their voters, not the other way around.  "How to Rig an Election." April 25, 2002

Anchorage Daily News: (AK) Local newspaper's endorsement of instant runoff voting.  "Long, Hard Look Needed On . . . Instant runoffs." April 24, 2002

Christian Science Monitor: Article weighs the advantages and disadvantages of instant runoff voting.  "Instant Runoffs? Go Slow." April 17, 2002

Time: Article explaining how Instant Runoff Voting works and where it is being used.  "Making Second-Place Votes Count." April 15, 2002

Progressive Populist: Labor lawyer Nathan Newman offers up instant runoff voting as solution to "spoiler" problem. "Instant Runoff Voting: Solving the Nader Dilemma." April 15, 2002

Rockford Register-Star: (IL) CVD's John Anderson discusses the opportunities for systemic reform-"The Road to Electoral Reform is open." April 14, 2002

San Antonio Express-News: (TX) An article on the use of cumulative voting in San Antonio's Navarro district school board elections-"Some vote 3 times, legally." April 12, 2002

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: CVD Executive Director Robert Ritchie and Georgia Common Cause president Robert Pastor explain virtues of instant runoff voting in editorial.  "Save time, money with instant runoffs." April 11, 2002

The Intelligencer: (PA) Story on Pennsylvania redistricting that includes commentary by CVD's Eric Olson-"Court overturns redistricting." April 9, 2002

The Diamondback: (MD) University of Maryland Student Government Association implements instant runoff voting."SGA passes bill to eliminate repeat of last year's marathon elections." April 8, 2002

Amarillo Globe-News: (TX) Editorial stresses that turnout is key for success of cumulative voting in Amarillo.  "Cumulative vote set for 2nd act." April 7, 2002   "IRV Makes Gains Nationwide After Strong March Performance." April 5, 2002

Boston Globe: (MA) Mickey Edwards article promoting the use of runoffs, especially instant runoffs, in Massachusetts elections.  "Making Mass. elections more democratic." March 30, 2002

Richmond Times:(VA) Mark Rush discusses problems of state representative redistricting in Virginia. "The Brooding Tensions in Redistricting Law." March 28, 2002

South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale): Editorial board discusses the virtues of instant runoff voting.  "Majority Would Really Rule." March 25, 2002

New Yorker: CVD Board Member Hendrik Hertzberg discusses instant runoff voting's relevance to Hollywood and the upcoming Academy Awards. "Best Picture." March 25, 2002

Pasadena Star-News: (CA) William Pietz article answers Frequently Asked Questions about instant runoff voting. "Technology offers a better way to vote: IRV can save money, effect better representation." March 21, 2002

Michael Lind Explains instant runoff voting on WNYC-New York: Hear New America Foundation's Michael Lind on Brian Lehrer's nationally syndicated radio program billed as "Just Add Water, And Stir! Instant Runoff Voting Sweeps The Nation." March 20, 2002 

Chicago Sun Times: Commentary on voter turnout and Illinois elections-"Apathy's all in the family." March 20, 2002

Portland Press Herald: (ME) Jack Beaudoin explains why Maine needs instant runoff voting-"District 27 special election highlights current system's flaws." March 20, 2002

Washington Post: Commentary by Michael Lind and Ted Halstead spotlighting the virtues of instant runoff voting.  "How the Majority Can Rule." March 19, 2002

New York Times: "As Easy as 1, 2, 3? San Franciscans Will Rank Candidates for 'Instant Runoffs.'" March 19, 2002

Associated Press: "San Francisco OKs Instant Runoffs." March 18, 2002

Burlington Free Press: (VT) Commentary in support of instant runoff voting from chairwoman of the Vermont Commission to Study Preference Voting.  "Time has come for IRV reform." March 17, 2002

Rockford Register-Star: (IL) This editorial laments the loss of cumulative voting in Illinois-"Pat Quinn's 'reform' made Legislature worse." March 17, 2002

New York Times: Article about using approval voting to choose Oscar winners.   "French Twist: A Fair Way to Pick Oscars?" March 17, 2002

Los Angeles Times: Article about San Francisco ending local runoff elections. "San Francisco to Drop Local Runoff Elections Ballots." March 14, 2002

Daily Herald: (IL) Article exposing the fallacy of having elections where winners don't get a majority of the vote.  "Just because majority of voters hate you, it doesn't mean you can't win." March 14, 2002

Trenton Times: (NJ) CVD Executive Director explains instant runoff voting at Princeton University.  "Voting system expert backs 'instant runoff.'" March 14, 2002

Burlington Free Press: (VT) Editorial that highlights virtues of instant runoff voting while stressing the need for more education about instant runoff voting.  "Democratic Runoff." March 13, 2002

Trenton Times: (NJ) Editorial endorsing instant runoff voting for New Jersey elections.  "A Better Voting System." March 12, 2002

Rutland Herald: (VT) Article about how 51 of 54 Vermont towns considering non-binding referenda on instant runoff voting approved the measure.  "Runoff backers tout poll." March 11, 2002

The Caledonian-Record: (VT) Ellie Dixon commentary endorsing instant runoff voting.  "'Yes' to Instant Runoff Voting." March 11, 2002

Rutland Herald: (VT) Editorial endorsing instant runoff voting in Vermont.  "Instant Solution." March 10, 2002

Vermont Associated Press: Deb Markowitz endorses instant runoff voting.  "Secretary of State lends support to instant runoff elections." March 10, 2002

Santa Fe New Mexican: (NM) Diana Kim (in opinion piece) makes the case for instant runoff voting for local elections in New Mexico.  "Election over; time for a better next one." March 8, 2002

San Francisco Chronicle: Ilene Lelchuk discusses about how despite passage of instant runoff voting in San Francisco, the city may not have the technical equipment needed to implement the new law by election 2002.  "Run-In Over Runoffs." March 7, 2002

The Nation: John Nichols calls attention to the numerous election reforms that have passed in California since Election 2000, including instant runoff voting.  "Wave of Election Reform Hits California." March 6, 2002

Los Angeles Times: Robert Hilburn makes the case for ranked ballots as a better way to choose Grammy winners-"It's Time to Nominate a New System." February 28, 2002

Burlington Free Press: (VT) President of League of Women Voters in Vermont endorses instant runoff voting for state elections (including governor).  "'Instant runoff' presents fair solution for voters." February 28, 2002

San Francisco Chronicle: (CA) Article on San Francisco Proposition A and how Instant Runoff Voting may help increase turnout even in areas with low literacy rates. "Instant-runoff could lure more voters." February 22, 2002

Baltimore Sun: (MD) CVD's Eric Olson co-authored this piece on voting rights for ex-felons and pending legislation in the Maryland Assembly-"Reintegrate ex-cons by restoring voting rights." Eric C. Olson and Marvin Cheatham, February 17, 2002

Roll Call:  CVD's Chair John Anderson is featured in Roll Call's "Life After Congress" column-"Still Independent-Minded: One-time Presidential Candidate Continues Push for Multiparty System." February 14, 2002

Lansing State Journal: (MI) John Gear proposes multi-member districts as a solution to Michigan's term limits debate-"Don't rehash term limits, be creative." February 15, 2002

American Prospect: Brief article on instant runoff voting and San Francisco's Proposition A-"Instant Ideas." February 25, 2002

San Francisco Chronicle: Laurel Wellman wonders if instant runoff voting can overcome the apathy and cynicism of San Francisco voters-"A proposition to end apathy, if anyone cares." February 14, 2002

Seattle Times: (WA) Article about the possiblities for cumulative voting in Seattle-"The in-between election system Seattle needs." James Vesely, January 20, 2002

The Hill: Second article in a two-part series on state legislators who use their influence to draw congressional districts suited to their own campaigns for Congress-"State lawmakers carve out their own districts." Allison Stevens, January 23, 2002

Cleveland Plain Dealer: (OH) Tom Brazaitis suggests multi-member districts as a remedy in this critique of the redistricting process-"Our unduly selected representatives." January 13, 2002

Christian Science Monitor: CVD's Rob Richie and Steven Hill describe the abuses of power that the redistricting process evokes-"Redistricting abuses voter trust." January 7, 2002

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