November 2nd 2008
Charter Vote Slow Down Pace at Polls
Memphis Commercial Appeal

Article deals with difficulties in the voting process and lists the various city and county charter amendments

October 27th 2008
Electoral Games People Play
American Scientist

New America Foundation's Steven Hill's book review makes it clear why instant runoff voitng stands out as a means to reform single winner elections

October 27th 2008
Messy Elections: Can we trust the results?

Election integrity activist calls for secure elections and ranked choice voting.

October 27th 2008
The ballot issue they arenít talking about
The Daily Planet

News Article on a Ballot Initiative to bring IRV to Telluride, CO.

October 23rd 2008
Former Nirvana member speaks about political involvement
The Collegian

Former Nirvana Bassist and FairVote Chair Krist Novoselic speaks to Fresno State students about election reform.

October 18th 2008
Steve Welzer responds
Green Party Watch

Green Party Candidate explains his support for instant runoff voting and proportional representation.

October 17th 2008
EAB: The two-party system
Daily Camera

The Editorial Board of the Daily Camera share their views on the two party sytem.

October 16th 2008
Secretary of State candidates spar over IRV
Vermont Public Radio

Candidates for Secretary of State in Vermont argue over instance runoff-voting on public radio.

October 16th 2008
Instant Runoff Voting
The Memphis Flyer

The Memphis Flyer comes out in favor of the instant runoff voting measure on the November ballot.

October 16th 2008
Instant runoff voting
Memphis Flyer

Memphis Flyer editorial in support of instant runoff voting.

October 16th 2008
Secretary of State candidates spar over IRV
Vermont Public Radio

Transcript of a discussion between Vermont Secretary of State Candidates about instant runoff voting.

October 12th 2008
Let voters register on election day
Oregon Live

A Portland resident calls for instant runoff voting to end the spoiler problem.

October 8th 2008
Instant runoff voting heads to court
Minnesota Public Radio

A lawsuit in Minneapolis will put the instant runoff voting system to the test.

October 7th 2008
Local Group Attempts to Reform Kansas City Voting System
Kansas City InfoZine

A new group has formed in Kansas City to help get ranked choice voting implemented as Kansas City's voting system for all municipal elections.

October 5th 2008
Topsy Turvy Week Shows Need For Fixing a Broken System
Op Ed News

The Editor of Op Ed News calls for instant runoff voting.

October 1st 2008
Making Our Votes Really Count
Brooklyn Rail

News analysis of moves toward instant runoff voting and choice voting in New York City.

October 1st 2008
The supervisorial races would be very different without ranked-choice voting
San Francisco Bay Guardian

Weekly's long-time editor comments on how IRV is promoting positive politics and voter choice in his city.

October 1st 2008
Minneapolis OK for '09 instant-runoff , official says
Minneapolis Star Tribune

The city's top election official is urging that Minneapolis go ahead next year with voter-approved instant runoff voting.

September 10th 2008
Another issue on Telluride’s November ballot is the use of instant runoff voting in mayoral races that would be in place for at least 3 years.
Colorado Radio 94 KIX

Radio report on IRV ballot campaign in Telluride, CO.

September 9th 2008
Voters: Something new for mayoral races?
The Daily Planet

News article on IRV ballot measure in Telluride, CO

September 9th 2008
Time to vote, already
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Op-Ed suggesting that Minnesota consider IRV.

September 7th 2008
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)

Very good example of outreach message on instant runoff voting.

September 6th 2008
Instant Runoff
Wichita Eagle

Wichita reformer's excellent model of straightforward letter on behalf of IRV

September 2nd 2008
A push for tiered elections
The Daily Planet

News article on ballot measure seeking instant runoff voting for Telluride, CO.

August 27th 2008
IRV: beyond the top-two primary
Seattle Times

Commentary argues for instant runoff voting as an alternative to top-two primaries.

August 18th 2008
Nice guys may finish first
San Francisco Chronicle

Article about how San Francisco's IRV voting system should reward civility.

August 8th 2008
City should elect, not appoint, new alder
The Capital Times (Madison, WI)

Editorial calls for IRV to full City Council Vacancies in Madison, WI

August 1st 2008
OK-States using Instant Runoff Voting

The expense of providing ballots for overseas voters is causing interest in instant runoff voting in Oklahoma.

July 31st 2008
Ranked-choice voting
Kansas City Star

Letter to the Editor suggesting ranked choice voting as a solution to high-cost low-turnout runoff elections in Kansas.

July 31st 2008
Why Aurora needs a mayoral primary
The Beacon News

Commentary urges Aurora (IL) to consider instant runoff voting.

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