March 23rd 2004
Kerry Needs Civil Rights Agenda
Chicago Sun-Times

March 15th 2004
Suffrage Suffers in the Land of Rights
Los Angeles Times

July 23rd 2003
Measure would let troops get early ballots overseas
Arizona Republic

As many as 17,000 Maricopa County military personnel stationed overseas could request early ballots through the Internet or via fax under a bill approved by a state Senate committee Wednesday.

April 5th 2003
Save Our Democracy: A Call to Action
Common Dreams

Fairvote's Rob Richie and Steven Hill make a call for a stronger and more representative democracy in wake of America's failing social indicators and poor international agenda.

November 19th 2001
For A Voting Rights Amendment
The Nation

August 27th 2001
A Right to Vote
The American Prospect

March 23rd 2001
Voting rights restored to ex-felons in NM, activity in MD

There is a great deal going on in the field of voting rights, as many of you know quite well from direct involvement in debates and struggles involving the Census, redistricting, post-Florida electoral reform and more.

January 1st 2000
A Third Choice
Washington Post

The race dilemma exists in everything from prestigious appointments to university admissions but perhaps most clearly in democracy's most basic tenet: the right to cast a vote and have it count.

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