IRV Commentary
June 19th 2008
Will We Have Instant Runoff Voting For Berkeley’s November Election?
The Berkeley Daily Planet

Commentary advocating the swift implementation of IRV in Berkeley.

June 11th 2008
Instant runoff voting is a practical and democratic solution to election pitfalls
The Asheville Citizen-Times

FairVote North Carolina board members write a commentary about the case for instant runoff voting in North Carolina.

June 11th 2008
Disenfranchised Again in California
Huffington Post

Commentary calls for instant runoff voting and a national popular vote

June 5th 2008
‘Instant runoffs’ will save time, money, irritation
Eugene Register Guard

Commentary advocating IRV for local elections in Eugene, Oregon.

June 4th 2008
Voters Want Choices. And They Want to Be Heard.
Seattle Weekly

Krist Novoselic recounts his own experience of Ranked Choice Voting and explains why it makes so much sense today through historical facts and figures.

June 3rd 2008
Ridley-Thomas and Parks in runoff? Please, no.
Los Angeles Times

Blog commentary about how a Los Angeles election underscores the value of instant runoff voting.

June 1st 2008
The True Spoilers Have Sold Out Our Liberties And Our Property Connecticut

Libertarian Party leader suggests major parties should back reform, not castigate third party candidates.

May 31st 2008
My Turn: Instant runoff would elect by majority
The Burlington Free Press

Commentary by FairVote senior analyst Terry Bouricius on instant runoff voting.

May 29th 2008
Has the time come for Instant Runoff Voting?
Fox and Hounds Daily

CEO of Los Angeles business-association expresses interest in instant runoff voting for Los Angeles.

May 28th 2008
Instant runoff election is true to democracy
Arizona Daily Star

Commentary makes case for proposed ballot measure to implement instant runoff voting for Tucson elections.

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