November 20th 2004
No More Sham Elections
New York Times

The New York Times looks at the lack of competition inherent in the U.S. congressional elections and quotes FairVote's Rob Richie on the seriousness of these problems.

May 22nd 2004
Revisiting redistricting
The Washington Post

America does not need to be tied down to the single member district system; FairVote's Rob Richie is quoted on the possibility of having three member super districts.

May 18th 2004
Lowdown on local government
The Star (South Africa)

May 17th 2004
A Better Way to Vote
Legal Times

FairVote's Rob Richie and Fairvote Chair John B. Anderson discuss alternatives to gerrymandering and winner take all elections

May 4th 2004
Winner Takes All

FairVote's Steven Hill and Rob Richie argue that until voters fight against redistricting, the problem will continue to exist.

April 24th 2004
Europe leaves the US behind

FairVote's Steven Hill highlights the advances Europe has made with its election systems and how the US continues to lag in this realm.

April 18th 2004
For the sake of democracy, opposition to the ANC must come from the left
Business Report

Analysis of political dynamics in South Africa under a proportional voting system.

March 24th 2004
In memoriam: Wilma rule (1925-2004)
Working for Change

Commentary from FairVote's Rob Richie and Steven Hill calls for changes to boost women's representation.

March 15th 2004
Democrats should lead on electoral reform
Working for Change

FairVote's Steven Hill and Rob Richie look at the flaws in the democratic primary process and the best methods to fix them.

February 11th 2004
How we Scots vote should be up to us
The Scotsman

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