October 10th 2005
See the Uganda we want to have
New Vision Online

Opinion piece advocating proportional representation for Ugandan elections, to promote women's representation and cooperation.

October 5th 2005
Mapping the way to a better system
Boston Herald

Why Massachusetts should turn a critical eye towards gerrymandering. This article mentions Fairvote.

September 21st 2005
The German Elections as a Victory for Democracy
Political Affairs

Commentary on fair representation and voter choice aspects of Germany's 2005 parliamentary elections.

June 15th 2005
How to make 'wasted votes' count
The Independent

Proportional voting would improve voter turnout and create more diversity in British government.

June 7th 2005
Shareholders square off with GM chief
Associated Press

Dissident shareholders nearly pass proposal for cumulative voting for elections of GM's Board of Directors.

April 22nd 2005
Reformers bemoan lack of competition
South London Press

Electoral Reform Society urges the use of proportional representation to make elections fair and more competitive.

March 18th 2005
Rethink redistricting reform
The Charlotte Observer

We must use multimember districts and some kind of proportional voting system, such as cumulative voting, to provide competition and representation.

February 19th 2005
Schwarzenegger vs. Gerrymander
New York Times

Steven Hill explains why Governor Schwarzenegger should consider full representation if he is serious about the need for more competitive elections

February 11th 2005
A royal wedding ... oh, that deep sinking of the heart

Proportional representation comes from another part of the brain, less hierarchical, less certain, more consensual - but somehow "not the British way"

February 7th 2005
The new US century is over
China Daily

America 's antiquated winner-take-all electoral system has been abandoned by most other democracies for more inclusive versions of proportional representation.

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