Vermont IRV
Power Point Presentation by Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz

August 2002

Vermont's Secretary of State, Deborah Markowitz, is an enthusiastic advocate for instant runoff voting. She has repeatedly testified in favor of Vermont legislation that would adopt IRV for all statewide elections. Her elections division is satisfied that all of the technical questions (ballot design, vote tabulation, voter education, etc.) for administering a statewide IRV election have been adequately answered.

In July 2002, Secretary of State Markowitz gave a well-received presentation to the National Association of Secretaries of State at their meeting in Rhode Island. Click on the link below to view that Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Some of the graphics only display properly by actually running the PowerPoint "slide show." The speech she read that accompanies the slides is available on the edit notes, but does not appear on the slides themselves when running the "slide show." To view slides, either click on scroll bar or use right click feature of your mouse.

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