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San Francisco's Proposition A Was Strongly Supported Throughout Community

May 2002

You can view or download maps prepared by the Chinese American Voters Education Committee showing precinct results for Prop A along with Props C and F and state Prop 45.

Professor Rich DeLeon of San Francisco State University analyzed precinct results for San Francisco's Proposition A based on ethnicity and political ideology measured by the Progressive Voting Index (PVI).  The PVI is derived from votes on 12 local initiatives from November 2000 to November 2001.

Proposition A was strongly supported by all racial/ethnic/political groups except conservative white voters. Complete election results are available at


Average Precinct Percent
Yes Vote on Prop A

Latino Plurality Precincts 69.3% 26
White Progressive Precincts 66.0% 28
Black Plurality Precincts 61.7% 26
Asian Majority Precincts 55.2% 27
White Conservative Precincts 41.6% 33

The following table describes each of the racial/ethnic/political groups that DeLeon analyzed. The total number of precincts in San Francisco is 648.

Group Description Number
Asian Majority Precincts > 60% Asian VAP 2000 27
Black Plurality Precincts > 40% Black/African American VAP 2000 26
Latino Plurality Precincts > 40% Hispanic/Latino VAP 2000 26
White Progressive Precincts > 70% White VAP 2000 and > 80th Percentile PVI 28
White Conservative Precincts > 70% White VAP 2000 and < 20th Percentile PVI 33


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