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IRV National Topics

  • Rule by the Non-Majority: Plurality Winners in American Elections: The Center releases analysis of the frequency of plurality winners (candidates winning with less than 50%) in state and federal elections. October 2003.
  • Citizens' Guide to Voting Equipment discusses the advantages and disadvantages of voting technologies including compatibility with ranked ballot voting systems such as IRV and choice voting.
  • The End of Majority Rule? Prospects for the 1996 Presidential Elections.  November 6, 1995.
  • 'Robert's Rules' Supports IRV : Well-known guide supports instant runoff voting over plurality elections.
  • Testimony of Scott Harshbarger , President of Common Cause, before the National Commission on Election Reform, in which he endorses IRV. May 2001.
  • The Center hosted a mock IRV election to determine the Favorite American President of All-Time at the Democracy Rising Conference in New Haven, CT on June 30, 2002.  Here is our report of the results.
  • The Center reports on the results of the MLB 2001 All Star Game Voting and possible outreach options. August 2001.
  • Senator Dodd Discusses IRV on U.S. Senate Floor: On April 11 2002, the Senate joined the House in voting overwhelmingly to provide billions to states to modernize voting equipment. Lead sponsor, Senator Chris Dodd, discussed instant runoff voting on the Senate floor.
  • The History of Instant Runoff Voting: Discusses IRV’s invention in America and adoption by governments in the U.S. and around the world.

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