IRV Editorials
May 31st 2005
Instant runoffs experiment in N.C. worth a close look
Asheville Citizen-Times (NC)

Support for IRV Pilot Program in North Carolina

May 22nd 2005
Instant runoff worth a try
Wilmington Star News (NC)

Support for IRV Pilot Program in North Carolina

April 28th 2005
No More Runoffs?
The Ledger (FL)

Newspaper editorial argues against dropping the Florida primary runoff and for adopting instant runoffs

April 14th 2005
Election Proposal
Campus Times Online

University of Rochester's student newspaper endorses IRV for campus elections.

March 31st 2005
A Good Proposal that Won't do Much
San Jose Mercury News

Newspaper endorses full representation and IRV to solve California's redistricting woes

March 28th 2005
In Our View - Let's Try IRV
Vancouver Columbian

Newspaper endorses IRV, which is gaining momentum in Washington state, and especially in Vancouver

March 26th 2005
Election reform: Carter, Baker tackle it
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minnesota newspaper encourages new Carter/Baker commission to review IRV, Electoral College, and national standards

March 1st 2005
Three's (Not) a Crowd
The Harvard Crimson

A viable third party would strengthen democracy

February 23rd 2005
Election Aftermath
Brown Daily Herald

Following narrow defeat for IRV, Brown newspaper echoes students' support

January 2nd 2005
Runoff vote system makes good sense
The News Press (FL)

November 2nd 2004
Abolish the Electoral College
The Harvard Crimson

October 26th 2004
An election experiment worth trying
San Jose Mercury News

California newspaper appreciates San Francisco's iniative on IRV

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