IRV Op-Eds
May 21st 2007
Instant runoff vote could lower costs
Los Angeles Daily News

Lynne Serpe's commentary argues Los Angeles could save millions with IRV.

May 10th 2007
Why the caucus system is better
The Seattle Times

FairVote board member Krist Novoselic makes a plug for including IRV as part of the Washington State caucus model.

May 9th 2007
Instant voting: How it works
Aspen Times

IRV would eliminate the need for runoff elections in Aspen.

April 28th 2007
My Turn: Instant runoff an election improvement
Burlington Free Press

Op-ed piece making the case for IRV.

April 2nd 2007
Better elections with instant runoffs
The Boston Globe

FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell makes the case for instant runoff voting to prevent non-majority winners in elections. With Massachusetts Rep. Martin Meehan's departure, the state looks headed for yet another crowded election to fill his seat.

December 18th 2006
Many candidates, one race?
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

A call for IRV in Maine to deal with multiple-candidate election contests.

November 14th 2006
Stop blaming Greens for GOP wins
The Detroit News

Douglas Campbell, Vice Chair of the Green Party of Michigan, blames the current electoral system for "spoiled" elections rather than the participation of third parties. He suggests Instant Runoff Voting as a remedy.

November 1st 2006
Measure O is good for Oakland
Bay Area BusinessWoman

An Oakland (CA) City Councilwoman endorses Measure O to implement instant runoff voting in her city.

October 27th 2006
Campaign 2006 and Bringing Instant Runoff Voting to the Tipping Point

Fairvote Executive Director, Rob Richie, discusses the popularity of instant run off voting this election cycle, and the benefits irv could bring to the cities where it is implemented.

October 25th 2006
Elections bring out coastal differences
Enumclaw Courier-Herald

Washingtonians vote on too much, argues this commentator, but Amendment 3 to implement instant runoff voting in Pierce County makes good sense.

October 23rd 2006
One Candidate, Many Parties
The Harvard Crimson

This op-ed encourages voters to support fusion voting, but pushes them to keep fighting for electoral reforms, such as instant run-off voting.

October 16th 2006
Alternative method of voting proposed
The Times-Gazette

Americans do not think their vote is important, and maybe they are right, says columnist, Bill Horne. Fed up with the state of elections, Horne proposes instant run-off voting as a good solution to the current problems.

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