July 21st 2008
Voters decide Sept. 2 on Ranked Choice Voting
Glendale Star

News article on campaign for instant runoff voting in Glendale, AZ.

July 16th 2008
'Instant Runoff' voting reform can empower communities of color
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

News analysis of instant runoff voting and communities of color.

July 10th 2008
A smarter way to vote
Press Telegram, Long Beach, CA

Editorial in support of city's interest in adopting instant runoff voting in Long Beach, California.

July 2nd 2008
Instant runoff voting offers cost savings and enhances democracy

A commentary by members of the Wake County Board of Elections in support of IRV for primaries in North Carolina.

July 2nd 2008
Blocking democracy in St. Paul elections
Minnesota Daily

This commentary on the Saint Paul City Council's attempt to prevent a ballot on IRV argues that the people's right to vote on the issue should be respected.

July 2nd 2008
Instant Runoff Voting boosts voting power for communities of color
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Commentary in favor of instant runoff voting by a state senator and Minneapolis city councilor

July 2nd 2008
Instant Runoff
Winston Salem Journal

Editorial in favor of instant runoff voting in North Carolina.

July 1st 2008
Voting inaction
News & Observer

Editorial suggests instant runoff voting should be considered in North Carolina

June 29th 2008
Don't block vote on IRV in St. Paul
Star Tribune

Editorial calls for St Paul City Council to allow a ballot question on IRV in November.

June 28th 2008
Petition was sound, council's obligation clear: Let the people vote
Pioneer Press

An article defending St Paul's residents' right to vote on an IRV ballot measure this November.

June 26th 2008
Labor commissioner runoff cost $55 a vote
Charlotte Observer

North Carolina's high-cost runoff elections beat the record of the lowest voter turnout ever in the state's history. "There's a better way to do it:instant runoff voting".

June 25th 2008
Time has run out on runoffs
Wilmington Star News

Extremely low voter turnout for North Carolina runoff elections makes the case for IRV.

June 25th 2008
Pick gov candidate the right way
Bennington Banner

FairVote's Terry Bouricius puts the case for IRV in the election for Vermont Governor.

June 24th 2008
'Instant runoff' could save time, money

North Carolina's runoff elections beat the record of the lowest turnout ever in the state. It cost between 3.5 million and 5 million dollars. IRV appears as a solution to both problems.

June 24th 2008
Runoff election costs Burke $18K
The Morganton News Herald

After the 2% voter turnout in North Carolina runoff elections to determine the Democratic candidate for State Labor Commissioner office, Instant Runoff Voting might be introduced in the State House this year.

June 23rd 2008
The Groundhog Day Election in Los Angeles
California Progress Report

Commentary by New America Foundation's Gautam Dutta calls for IRV for Los Angeles

June 23rd 2008
Americans Disenfranchised Again
Alter Net

An article explaining how IRV and National Popular Vote would change our current electoral system into a real democracy focusing on Los Angeles' municipal elections and California general elections.

June 22nd 2008
NC runoff low-key affair compared to primary
Associated Press

Associated Press news article reports that democracy advocates in North Carolina support instant runoff voting.

June 19th 2008
Will We Have Instant Runoff Voting For Berkeley’s November Election?
The Berkeley Daily Planet

Commentary advocating the swift implementation of IRV in Berkeley.

June 16th 2008
Instant voting beats a runoff
The News Observer

FairVote North Carolina IRV Director and N.C Fair Share Lynice Williams explain the benefits of IRV over runoff elections: higher voter turnout, low cost elections, better representation...

June 14th 2008
Ballot moves could pre-empt town meeting
Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette

News article on effort by IRV activists to place measure on November ballot.

June 13th 2008
Voters Want Choices. And They Want to Be Heard
Seattle Weekly

Krist Novoselic explains his support for instant runoff voting.

June 11th 2008
Disenfranchised Again in California
Huffington Post

Commentary calls for instant runoff voting and a national popular vote

June 11th 2008
Instant runoff voting is a practical and democratic solution to election pitfalls
The Asheville Citizen-Times

FairVote North Carolina board members write a commentary about the case for instant runoff voting in North Carolina.

June 11th 2008
Adopt instant runoff voting
Times-Standard - Eureka, CA

Letter calls for instant runoff voting in Humboldt County elections.

June 10th 2008
Instant Runoff Voting: a democracy saver

Tad Daley, JD, PhD, Writing Fellow International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Nobel Peace Laureate explains why IRV could revitalize democracy in Los Angeles (CA) and more especially in Los Angeles County (CA).

June 5th 2008
Miller Files For House Race
Albuquerque Journal

Green Party's congressional candidacy sparks debate about bringing instant runoff voting to New Mexico.

June 5th 2008
‘Instant runoffs’ will save time, money, irritation
Eugene Register Guard

Commentary advocating IRV for local elections in Eugene, Oregon.

June 4th 2008
Voters Want Choices. And They Want to Be Heard.
Seattle Weekly

Krist Novoselic recounts his own experience of Ranked Choice Voting and explains why it makes so much sense today through historical facts and figures.

June 4th 2008
Backers submit petitions to put instant-runoff to vote in fall
Star Tribune

Backers of a proposal to bring I.R.V. to the city of St. Paul (MN) submitted petitions to put the issue before voters, appropriately enough, in November. I.R.V. has been adopted by Minneapolis voters in 2006 and could be in place by 2009.

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