December 22nd 2004
Calls for electoral standards mount
The Augusta Chronicle

An overview of several reforms to modernize and democratize our elections.

December 21st 2004

The Bush electors in Ohio have cast their votes, even though the bitterly contested ballots that allegedly gave them standing as electors have not been recounted. When asked, the mainstream media will admit that there were rampant problems with this

December 21st 2004

Lots of ink and pixels have been spilled about the need for electoral reforms in this country. Both to standardize how we conduct elections and more importantly to restore voter confidence in the system. Yet argue election experts Richie and Hill so

December 13th 2004
The Election Ran Smoothly, Didn't It?

Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., D-IL, argues that the lesson of 2004 is that our right to vote is not secure. We need a federal right to vote with standards and the enforcement of those standards by the attorney general of the United States, rather than the p

December 8th 2004
Guarantee the Right to Vote
The Nation

November 21st 2004
America: restoring democracy

It's time to modernize and democratize our elections; several reforms our open to us.

November 1st 2004
Tuesday's to be Most Closely Watched Election in Memory
The New Standard

October 27th 2004
After the Election:
Metro Active

September 1st 2004
A Missing Foundation for Democracy:
Reclaim Democrach

May 24th 2004
Banning the Vote
Wire Tap

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