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November 13th 2008
Charter Club
Memphis Flyer

News article on the approval of IRV by Memphis voters.

October 16th 2008
Instant Runoff Voting
The Memphis Flyer

The Memphis Flyer comes out in favor of the instant runoff voting measure on the November ballot.

October 16th 2008
Instant runoff voting
Memphis Flyer

Memphis Flyer editorial in support of instant runoff voting.

May 22nd 2008
The Runoff Issue
Memphis Flyer

Memphis editorial in favor of its city's upcoming ballot measure on instant runoff voting.

May 21st 2008
Instant Runoff Voting Could be in City’s Future
Memphis Daily News

News article on the Memphis (TN) charter commission placing the issue of adopting instant runoff voting for city elections on the November ballot.

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