IRV in the News
October 5th 2009
Senate Bill Would Eliminate Primary Runoff
New York Times

FairVote's Rob Richie is quoted in support of IRV to eliminate the need for low-turnout primary runoffs in New York City.

October 4th 2009
Voter Turnaround
Daily News (Los Angeles)

Two letters to the editor cite IRV as the best way to bring higher turnout to Los Angeles elections.

October 3rd 2009
Instant Runoff Voting could streamline Long Beach balloting process

Long Beach, California looks to IRV as a potential solution to their multi-candidate races with small-plurality winners.

October 1st 2009
Doing the Deed of Democracy
The Ester Republic

Fairbanks Borough should adopt IRV so that we can raise voter turnout and gain a candidate elected by the majority of the people.

October 1st 2009
Horny Toad the choice in IRV election
St. Paul Legal Ledger

What better way to learn about IRV than with beer? That's the idea behind "tasting trials" in St. Paul.

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