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September 12th 2007
A Vote the District Deserves

The co-sponsors of the D.C. Voting Rights Act of 2007 defend the constitutionality of giving D.C. residents full voting rights and fair representation in the people's house.

September 11th 2007
D.C. vote threshold
The Washington Times

Influential African American Republicans, former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele and former Rep. J.C. Watts, endorse the D.C. Voting Rights Act.

September 7th 2007
Outlook Improves for Quick Action in Senate
The Washington Post

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hopes to bring the D.C. Voting Rights Bill to the floor during the week of September 17th.

August 31st 2007
Huckabee backs D.C. voting rights bill
The Hill

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee endorses the D.C. Voting Rights Act. The Senate is set to take action on the bill this fall.

August 25th 2007
Bill Holds Schools Accountable on Voter Education
New America Media

A California General Assembly bill would require schools to report their voter registration activities, which would ensure that all schools are actively and equally motivating their students to vote.

August 24th 2007
N.C.ís One-Stop voting is a blessing for busy public

North Carolina's innovative new one-stop voting law could increase participation among young people nearly 11 percent.

August 22nd 2007
State election officials steer neutral in 2008 reports that at least a dozen state chief election officials are staying out of the 2008 race for the White House.

August 13th 2007
Senate Bill Bans States from Limiting Nonprofit Voter Registration Drives

The Senate Rules Committee held hearings last month on a bill that would limit restrictions states place on nonprofit voter registration drives.

July 26th 2007
Are Voter Registration Drives Being Put Out of Business?

This commentary on voter registration drives highlights the need for non-partisan universal voter registration.

July 24th 2007
Filibuster of D.C. Voting Rights Bill Unconscionable
Roll Call

Kathy Kemper urges opponents of the D.C. Voting Rights Act not to filibuster--a voting rights bill has not been filibustered since the dark days of segregation.

July 20th 2007
Overhaul Plan for Vote System Will Be Delayed
The New York Times

Congress will delay fixing the nation's voting system until 2012, four years later than planned.

July 6th 2007
Proposal would let some age 17 vote
Detroit News Online

Michigan legislators propose lowering the voting age to 17-year-olds for those who will be 18 before the general election.

July 2nd 2007
Connecting young people with democracy
Providence Journal

A call for Gov. Carcieri to welcome Rhode Island's young voters into the political process with a law allowing advance voter registration for 16 and 17-year olds.

June 28th 2007
States encourage high school students to register to vote features FairVote in its top story about high school voter registration.

June 14th 2007
D.C. Vote Bill Wins Big in Senate Panel
The Washington Post

The DC House Voting Rights Act of 2007 passed a key Senate committee and now moves to the floor for a historic vote.

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