IRV Op-Eds
August 21st 2002
Measure 1 gives voters more choice
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

By adopting Measure 1, Alaskans will have the chance to widen political choice through instant runoff voting ballot measures.

April 17th 2002
Instant Runoffs? Go Slow
Christian Science Monitor

Both the pros and cons of the recent adoption of IRV ballot measures in San Francisco and Vermont are discussed and weighed.

April 11th 2002
Save time, money with instant runoffs
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Common Cause Georgia President and FairVote's Rob Richie make the case for bringing IRV to Georgia, where expensive runoffs are used for primary election contests.

April 5th 2002
IRV Makes Gains Nationwide After Strong March Performance

Nationwide, instant runoff voting is quickly becoming a viable option for both local and statewide voters.

March 7th 2002
Run-in over runoffs: S.F.'s Prop
San Francisco Chronicle

The issue of coping with the up and coming instant runoff voting system in San Francisco is addressed, with FairVote's Caleb Kleppner explaining the simplicity and practicality of the reform.

December 20th 2001
Runoff vote can be done better, faster
Los Angeles Daily News

Instant-runoff voting offers the solution to the spoiler effect, FairVote's Dan Johnson-Weinberger notes, commenting on the recent Los Angeles City Council election.

September 5th 2001
Eugene, Ore., next to try preference voting?
The Columbian

Examining recent Eugene, Oregon legislation allowing instant-runoff voting elections, the obstacles in acutally enacting such legislation are discussed at length.

July 12th 2001
Preventing the next Florida fiasco
Daily Texan

The Daily Texan discusses the massive benefits brought by instant-runoff voting to an electoral system.

May 31st 2001
Instant Runoffs Gaining Support
Roll Call

Dan Johnson-Weinberger offers instant runoff voting as a solution to the spoiler effect.

April 19th 2001
Council likes instant runoff idea
Eugene Register Guard

The Eugene City Council agrees to have a city charter amendment on instant runoff voting drawn up to consider sending it to voters.

April 6th 2001
Political Reform: Alive and Ready to Kick
Christian Science Monitor

Looking back at the 2000 Florida recount, Fairvote's Rob Richie and Steven Hill comment on the need for a wide variety of voting reforms, including uniform voting standards.

March 5th 2001
'Cumulative Voting' Would Enhance Fairness in Charleston County
Charleston Gazette Post and Courier

In a discussion of proportional voting methods, James Clyburn notes the ability of preference voting, limited voting and cumulative voting to give minorities a greater say in elections.

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