IRV Op-Eds
September 29th 2006
Instant runoff voting will boost democracy
Contra Costa Times

A strong commentary in support of the instant runoff voting ballot measure in Oakland, California by the former co-chair of the League of Women Voters in the city.

September 15th 2006
America and Mexico: Electoral Outliers
The Progressive Populist

FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell and Usman Ahmed discuss why we should remember that the methods countries use to elect their leaders are as important as who wins.

September 3rd 2006
Instant runoff voting would improve Pierce County elections
The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)

Local League of Women Voters President writes in support of IRV.

August 18th 2006
Runoffs Without the Costs
Carolina Journal Online

Guest columnist Robinson discusses the passage of IRV in North Carolina and how it will help citizens as voters and taxpayers by creating voter choice, majority rule and eliminating two-round elections.

August 6th 2006
Oakland Voters to Decide Whether to Join Other California Cities in Using Instant Runoff Voting
California Progress Report

Oakland City Councilmember Patricia Kernighan discusses the importance of bringing IRV to Oakland. She was one of the council's two sponsors of legislation putting IRV on the ballot this November.

July 12th 2006
Instant Runoff Voting - A Step Towards A Healthier Democracy in California
California Progress Report

Oakland City attorney presents the case for instant runoff voting as a way to improve elections and democracy in California.

April 25th 2006
Ohio Politics: There Is Another Way: Instant Runoff Voting Could Help Bridge the Divide
The Cleveland Free Times

An excellent letter-to-the-editor discussing how IRV can help solve the problem of split-voting as well as many other election issues.

April 20th 2006
Do the Math -- Instant Voter Runoff Adds Up for APAs
The Cause Report

Article describing pernicious vote-splitting among Asian American candidates in California, and how instant runoff voting can remedy the problem.

April 4th 2006
My Turn: IRV works
Burlington Free Press

An opinion piece by a Democratic candidate for governor of Vermont, in favor of IRV

March 22nd 2006
A new way of voting would give more choice
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Commentary by FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell shows how the fear of a spoiler can take certain issues out of the debate in a campaign, and how IRV solves this problem.

March 16th 2006
Instant runoff voting could lead to less negativity in political campaigns
The ASU Herald

An op-ed from the Arkansas State University student newspaper arguing that instant runoff voting can stop the practice of "lesser-evil" voting.

February 27th 2006
Downtown Letters: Building A Better Ballot for Minneapolis
Downtown Journal Online

A letter to the editor supporting the Minneapolis Better Ballot Campaign to institute IRV in that city's elections.

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