April 13th 2008
Douglas should have signed IRV bill
The Rutland Herald

Chair of Common Cause Vermont strongly defends instant runoff voting in commentary that appeared in two leading Vermont newspapers, the Rutland Herald and Montpelier Times-Argus.

April 11th 2008
Choice voting is the choice
The Daily Iowan

Carla Keppler reports how IRV student elections at UI and other universities in the U.S. have been successful for democracy on campuses.

April 10th 2008
The complexities of instant-runoff voting
The Daily Stanford

Commentary about the reasons Stanford uses instant runoff voting for its student elections.

April 10th 2008
Bode 09 triumphs in SA election
The Dartmouth

New President and Vice-President elected through IRV at Dartmouth College. Bode garnered more than 600 first-choice votes over opponent Lee Cooper 09. Bode ultimately claimed the presidency with a 639-vote lead after eight rounds of instant-runoff

April 10th 2008
Organization works to make voting fair
The Daily Tar Heel

North Carolina State University newspaper reports about the meeting between FairVote North Carolina representatives and students to discuss election reforms.

April 8th 2008
What's so wrong with IRV?
Brattleboro Reformer

The Brattleboro Reformer endorses instant runoff voting and questions the governor's reasoning for his recent veto.

April 8th 2008
I.R.V. for Dummies
The New Yorker Blog

The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg questions the Vermont governor's rationale for vetoing instant runoff voting.

April 8th 2008
Breaking down the system
The Technician Online

The Technician Online reports on the successful first student elections using IRV at North Carolina State University.

April 7th 2008
Douglas vetoes campaign finance, instant-runoff voting bills
The Boston Globe

FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie defends instant runoff voting in response to a veto from Vermont's governor.

March 26th 2008
New voting system eliminates runoffs at SFCC
The Independent Florida Alligator

Santa Fe Community College (FL) is the first community college which adopted IRV for its student elections. The new voting system has been successfully used for the first time.

March 25th 2008
New voting method to be used in elections
The Technician Online

Reporter Saja Hindi describes the general enthusiasm among the North Carolina State University student community after IRV has been used for the first time for NC State University student elections.

March 14th 2008
House approves IRV for federal races
Burlington Free Press

The Burlington Free Press reports a possible major change in the way federal elections will be held in Vermont. After the VT Senate, the VT House has passed a bill that would implement IRV for federal elections in Vermont.

March 14th 2008
Vt House gives final approval to instant run off voting legislation
Vermont Public Radio

The Vermont Public Radio reports that the Vermont House gave its approval to implement IRV for federal elections statewide.

March 13th 2008
VT House approves instant runoff voting
Vermont Public Radio

VPR's Bob Kinzel highlights VT representatives' opinion about the use of IRV for federal races in Vermont after it has been passed by the State House.

March 6th 2008
Editorial: Next city election a new ballgame
Santa Fe New Mexican

The Santa Fe New Mexican covers the recent win for instant runoff voting in Santa Fe.

March 6th 2008
A Way Out of the Nader Dilemma
Philadelphia Daily News

New America Foundation's Steven Hill touts instant runoff voting as a solution to the spoiler problem presented by third party candidates, like Ralph Nader.

March 6th 2008
Nader Enters the Race
The Harvard Independent

Harvard student discusses instant runoff voting as the smart solution to allow entrance of third parties into our political system.

March 6th 2008
Spoiler alert
Sacramento News and Review

Opinion piece on the unintended consequences of our election system on third party candidates and the prospect of instant runoff voting in solving this dilemma.

March 5th 2008
Cal Poly adopts more efficient voting system
Mustang Daily

Article about Cal Poly's adoption of instant runoff voting. Cites FairVote's positions on IRV.

March 4th 2008
UISG results expected Thursday
The Daily Iowan

IRV student elections held for the first time at the University of Iowa with a record turnout.

February 28th 2008
It's Pat!
The Hoya

Georgetown University uses IRV for its Spring 2008 student elections. The process has been adopted in 2006.

February 25th 2008
He's Back
Huffington Post

Ralph Nader's recent entry into the presidential race once again raises the importance of a ranked choice voting system that eliminates a spoiler effect.

February 20th 2008
Opinions: Restoring order to the voting system
ASU Web Devil

Arizona State University student makes the case for IRV and third party inclusion.

February 15th 2008
Elections: from rank to ranked
The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times discusses ranked choice voting as a good fit for populist Washington.

February 10th 2008
My view: Charter changes would inspire more voters
Santa Fe New Mexican

Local Santa Fe activist believes ranked choice voting and public financing are good for the city.

February 8th 2008
Ranked Voting in Presidential Primaries
Berkeley Daily Planet

Thomas Gangale on the need for instant runoff voting for presidential elections.

February 8th 2008
Super Tuesday: Why I voted for Kucinich
Online Journal

Journalist makes the case for IRV to accommodate early voting and absentee voting.

February 5th 2008
State has options when it comes to elections

Editorial reviews electoral reform options, highlighting potential of instant runoff voting and proportional voting."

February 4th 2008
Libertarians go online to select presidential candidate
Ahwatukee Foothills News

Discusses Arizona Libertarian Parties online Ranked Choice Voting election.

February 3rd 2008
Switching to a more accurate vote tally just an American Dream
The Morning Journal

Morning Journal writer ponders the prospects of a ranked choice voting system in our democracy.

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