South Africa
April 18th 2004
For the sake of democracy, opposition to the ANC must come from the left
Business Report

Analysis of political dynamics in South Africa under a proportional voting system.

April 17th 2004
ANC takes KZN as final votes are tallied
The Mail and Guardian

Summary of 2004 South African election results.

April 15th 2004
South African voters stick with ANC, polls say
Washington Post

Polling station lines snaked across the landscape as South Africans chose the ANC as the nation's top party again.

April 15th 2004
Despite hassles, election was free and fair
Pretoria News

South Africa's third democratic elections have been described as free, fair and peaceful by foreign observers.

April 1st 2004
Women Break into African Politics
Africa Recovery

March 31st 2004
Despite deep woes, democracy instills hope
Washington Post

November 24th 2003
McGuinty likes citizens assembly initiative, B.C. premier says
Toronto Star

March 5th 2003
Electoral system stays as is

February 26th 2003
Marginalised Need Better Access to the Workings of Parliament
Business Day (Johannesburg)

January 9th 2003
Party List System Needs to Change
Business Day (Johannesburg)

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