Communist Party calls for single electoral district
Turn state from 'handful of sectarian minorities into a true country'

Published January 5th 2005 in The Daily Star

On the occasion of the New Year, the Communist Party called for creating a single electoral district with proportional representation, which the party said would help reduce sectarianism. In a news conference on Tuesday, the party called its program of political reform "crucial for the salvation of Lebanon."

The party expressed its support for the Taif Accord - the  1989 agreement that ended the Lebanese Civil War and created a Cabinet balanced between Muslims and Christians. The Accord calls for the gradual withdrawal of Syrian troops and establishes a Lebanon-Syria security agreement. "We believe that it is high time that both Lebanese and Syrian governments proceed to a dialogue that should be followed up by future governments and parliaments in order to reach a new equation of a relation that is worth defending and spread in Arab countries," the party said.

The party highlighted the importance of the Taif Accord in political reforms by transforming the state "from a handful of sectarian minorities into a true country in which an individual's loyalty is foremost to the state."

But creating a single electoral district, the party said, would help decrease the sectarian competition in allotting parliamentary seats.

"The sectarian distribution of spoils contradicts the accord's reformative articles and is the main cause of the exacerbation of the political, economic and social crises."