IRV Commentary
June 7th 2005
A punch list for the good fight
Chicago Sun Times

Jesse Jackson calls for IRV as part of a positive agenda for improving democracy.

May 30th 2005
Curing N.C.'s costly, lonely runoff elections
The News and Observer (NC)

IRV Could Save Money in North Carolina

May 20th 2005
Ranked choice voting works in S.F., becomes more popular
San Diego Daily Transcript

Commentary on IRV in San Francisco

May 18th 2005
A New Instant Dawn
Seven Day Newspapers

Commentary on IRV in Burlington, Vermont

April 26th 2005
A Kinder, Quicker Race for Mayor
Los Angeles Times

March 21st 2005
A Better Way to Elect Virginia's Next Governor
The Washington Post

FairVote's IRV America Program Associate Steven Hoeschele on how IRV would impact the 2005 race

February 13th 2005
The benefits of instant runoff voting
St Petersburg Times

Cleaner campaigns and avoidance of poorly attended and costly runoff elections are cited as reasons for Florida to adopt instant runoff voting (IRV).

February 7th 2005
Instant runoff offers another chance for Maine to lead
Portland Press Herald

Instant runoff voting could save Maine money and provide a more accuarate and fair election.

December 25th 2004
Making elections better, and stopping divisiveness, too
Boston Globe

The participation of alternative parties in many states increases the need for electoral reforms such as instant runoff voting (IRV).

December 13th 2004
Runoff Voting
Vermont Public Radio

Instant Runoff Voting would eliminate the trend of negative campaigning that has plagued America for too long.

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