IRV Commentary
October 17th 2006
Measure O is Good for the Asian Community
Ming Pao Daily

A prominent Oakland resident endorses Measure O to implement instant runoff voting, touting cheaper, more positive elections with higher turnout especially among minority groups.

October 5th 2006
Electoral reform in Maine
Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.

A prominent Maine commentator wants that state to adopt instant runoff voting.

September 29th 2006
IRV: affirming political choice
Seattle TImes

A portrait of the Yes on Three campaign for instant runoff voting in Pierce County, Washington, including a profile of FairVote's Ryan Griffin, who apparently "resembles Thomas Jefferson."

August 29th 2006
Younger, taller and better looking
Cherry Creek News

Colorado Secretary of State candidate Ken Gordon shares his views on the future of political reform in the state, including a strong show of support for instant runoff voting as a way to improve voter turnout and increase voter choice.

August 24th 2006
Joe Lieberman's independent political test: genuine reform
McClatchy-Tribune News Service

FairVote Board Chair and 1980 independent presidential candidate John Anderson thinks Senate candidate Joe Lieberman could bolster his independent credentials by championing instant runoff voting and other reforms to boost voter choice.

March 15th 2006
Instant Runoff Voting Gives Ethnic Communities Greater Say in Elections
New America Media

Commentary that examines the effects of IRV on racial minorities, recognizing new studies that show how the voting method can increase the influence of under-represented minorities.

December 20th 2005
'Top Two' ballot method would restrict choice
Eugene Register Guard

This commmentary criticizes Oregon's proposed top-two primary system, and recommends instant runoff voting instead. Under IRV, voters would have choices that would otherwise be limited uner the top-two system.

November 24th 2005
Majority rule making comeback
The Baltimore Sun

FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell shows how the IRV win in Takoma Park could be a model for the rest of Maryland.

November 23rd 2005
Smells like a smart system for state's primary elections
Seattle Times

FairVote board member, Krist Novoselic, argues that a ranked choice voting system could solve many of conflicts that have arisen in the course of Washington state's attempts to adopt a top-two primary system.

November 15th 2005
APAs in S. F.: Rank the Vote!

Ting and Cheu of provide readers a simple description of how the new ranked-choice voting system works and how they can make their vote count in the upcoming November elections.

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