November 2nd 2000
Keep an Eye on the Battle for State Legislatures
MoJo Wire

Rob Richie and Steven Hill point out how vital party control of state legislatures can be, illustrating how taking control of state governments may mean redrawing of congressional boundaries.

November 8th 1997
Shhh... Don't Wake the Voters

John Anderson highlights the flaws in our election laws, such as single-member gerrymandered districts, and holds them accountable for dropping voter turnout.

June 1st 1996
The Progressive Case for Proportional Representation
Social Policy

Extended commentary from FairVote's Rob Richie and New America Foundation's Steven Hill discusses the implications of proportional representation for progressives.

Reclaiming Democracy in the 21st Century
Social Policy

Rob Richie, Steven Hill, and Caleb Kleppner lay out the FairVote agenda, including: instant runoff voting (IRV) to elect the president, proportional representation, emulating the Irish election system, and emphasizing the political viability of refor

Winning Fair Representation with Alternative Voting Systems
Southern Changes

Rob Richie explains how proportional representation can help elect more candidates from racial minorities.

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